The Voice Recap: The Battle Round Begins!

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After its first two episodes earned strong ratings and critical praise, NBC did the logical thing and changed the format and time slot of The Voice completely.

The blind auditions at 9 p.m. were so last week.

The battle rounds began Tuesday night, and in them, each coach pairs two teammates and challenges them to perform a duet, choosing a winner at the end.

Battles will continue until each of the four teams is cut in half. Luckily, the coaches' charisma and the singers' talent again made up for the confusing format. 

The Voice Judges

Team Christina Aguilera: Frenchie Davis vs. Tarralyn Ramsey

The diva started things off with a bang by asking two other divas, Frenchie Davis and Tarralyn Ramsey, to trade verses of "Single Ladies." The tension was palpable.

Tarralyn and Frenchie's rehearsal footage was pretty terrific, as was the resulting performance. Tarralyn appeared to be in the driver's seat here. However ...

Christina opted to keep Frenchie, the former American Idol castoff. Did she make the right call with her first elimination on Team Diva? You be the judge:

Team Blake Shelton: Tyler Robinson vs. Patrick Thomas

The country star paired cowboy Patrick Thomas with the more pop-friendly Tyler Robinson and told them they'd be singing Elvis Presley's "Burning Love."

Then, with the air of guest mentor Reba McEntire, Blake advised each to try taking a page out of his rival's book. Both took it to heart in a smooth duet.

Patrick and Tyler's voices are naturally complimentary, leading to a tough call for Mr. Shelton. Some might have given the edge to Tyler, but he went with Pat:

Team Adam Levine: Casey Weston vs. Tim Mahoney

This performance of "Leather and Lace," originally sung by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley, was terrific from the Battle Round's first guy-girl showdown.

Their voices blended beautifully, but only one could make it through. Adam decided he'd go with the famle, because there's just something about her.

Talent aside, seasoned vet Tim may have been done in by the fact that he was going up against a cute youngster. Blind auditions are no longer ...

Team Cee Lo Green: Vicci Martinez vs. Niki Dawson

The rhyming-named girls had the honor of being mentored by Monica, and Niki, who barely got any screen time last week, made up for it Tuesday.

The two ladies sang Pink's "Perfect" in the battle arena. Both their voices have a roughness that suited the song, and they brought the house down.

It was the best duet of the night, with Blake noting that "[Cee Lo is] going to reflect on his life" and the mistake of pitting them against each other.

In the end, Vicci made it through and Niki was booted. Watch:

Which battle was your favorite? Did you enjoy the new format? Were your predictions spot-on with the coaches'? Sound off on The Voice below.

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