Lindsay Lohan is a Vampire

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Lindsay Lohan's fangs are coming out.

The train wreck attended her close friend Tyler Shields' photo exhibit, "Life Is Not A Fairytale," in a warehouse in East Los Angeles this weekend.

At the event, Shields unveiled artful shots in which Lohan portrays a vampire. The inspiration was simple: "Lindsay loves vampires," Tyler said.

Lindsay Lohan: Vampire

Lindsay Lohan is ready to suck ... at life! And your blood.

"It's well documented that she is a big vampire fan. I said we need to do the craziest vampire mouth shot ever with her mouth," he photographer added.

The photographs, taken a few months ago, play up Lohan's red lips and fangs. In this shot, The Vampire Diaries star Michael Trevino bites her neck.

Ironically, Trevino plays a werewolf, not a vampire, on the CW show.

During the whole party, the oft-maligned Lohan was in great spirits.

"She's an amazing actress," Tyler Shields said. "I've shot Lindsay probably 20 times and nobody has seen any of it. This is the first little taste."

An amazing actress? Bit of a stretch there. On the flip side, any Lindsay Lohan pictures not taken outside court are a refreshing, positive trend.


vampires are awesome, not because of twilight...but because of vampire diaries...where vampire burn in the sun instead of sparkling...


Train wreck? YES! Amazing actress.... hmmmm questionable. Beautiful girl? Definitely!. A truly amazing actress wouldnt end up with mulitiple mug shots. An amazing actress owns a few Oscars. Just get yourself together and stop blowing your career.


everyone is/wants to be a vampire now-a-days.


Wow, way to give an unbiased report. Calling her a train wreck in your story is just showing your own lack of professional skills and respect. She is an amazing actress (Georgia Rules was an extremely emotional and deep movie) and somewhere Lindsay has lost herself. With a jailbird father and a drama queen/spotlight whore mother can you really blame her for being messed up?


I actually agree that Lindsay is an amazing, talented actress. She just has no idea how to keep herself out of trouble.
I wish she'd learn and stop acting like a bratty party girl. She had real potential at one point.


Just what she needs, another excuse to give someone a hickey. Thats like an epic hickey for an epic whore.


I thought she was a whore


I actually think that's quite the hot picture of her! Considering she usually looks like a train wreck [poor thing].. but she looks good in this pic lol


I love vampires too. Ever since my sophomore year of high school most of what I read about is vampires, immortals, witches, and faeries.


Hey Michael, I love you and all but... you've got a Lohan on your face.


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