Laura Ingraham Accepts Apology from Ed Schultz, Ends Right-Wing Slut Scandal

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On his MSNBC talk show Tuesday night, Ed Schultz referred to conservative commentator Laura Ingraham as a "right-wing slut."

The inappropriate barb got him suspended for a week and resulted in an apology 24 hours later, as Schultz admitted his word usage was "vile" and "uncalled for."

Today, Ingraham - who got into it with Meghan McCain in 2009 - put an end to the mini-scandal, accepting her rival's contrite words and saying on her radio program: "He apologized, and I accept his apology. It seemed heartfelt, it seemed like he really wished he hadn't said it, and I accept the apology... I wish him the best. I wish his family the best."

Listen to an extended version of Ingraham's side of things here:


Where is NOW? If Hannity ahd called Hillary a slut, NOW would be demanding that he be fired.


Laura Ingraham is such a hateful person that it is hard to come up with a word to describe how vicious and hateful she is. I can understand Ed's lapse in word judgment. I am glad she accepted his apology and that he will be back on the air in a week.


Serious lapse by Ed Schulz. Though Laura Ingraham's attack on Obama for being in Europe when Joplin was hit deserves to be called sleazy, only sexual misbehavior of a serious kind could justify the term Ed applied to her. Big mistake, Ed. Good work manning up about it!


Ed is a good man. Laura aint nothing but a women who has forgotten that it is the demoncrats who fight for causes so that others have a right to choose abortions and health care options.