Meghan McCain to Weight Critics: Kiss My Fat Ass!

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Meghan McCain is sick of the debate about her weight.

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    Sorry but she is fat. We can pretend everyone is beautiful but that won't change men's actual preferences. And no fat women you aren't beautiful and skinny women aren't bitches. Skinny women are just women who are less lazy and go to the gym.


    Excuse me, what is all this chatter about Ms. McCain??? Is she speaking for the Republican Party? I don't think so........ All we need is another pair of loose lips in the GOP.
    Ms. McCain is totally out of her element when she tries to take on Ann Coulter and Laura Inghram. They will literally eat her up. Ms. McCain does not have the intelligent or stamina to keep up with them.
    Basically, Ms. McCain doesn't have anything to do with anything, other than being the daughter of John McCain. She needs to find something else to keep her busy. Who really cares if she is fat or not??? Really, who cares? Her dad needs to tell her to shut the F up.


    I worry about people who look, act and weigh 95 lbs like
    Ann Coulter. Maybe if she would gain weight to a size 8
    it may change her into a decent human being. You look great
    Ms. Mccain


    looks very healthy to me.. seriously, Ms. Coulter should worry about her on narrow ass and leave this and other personal issues alone.


    Size 8? Reality Check Ingraham; that isn't fat.


    You are in no way a size 8, Ms. McCain. And you are no Republican. Spend a little more time educating yourself and a little more time in the gym and someday, you will not only be a healthy size 8...but an educated human being (your time in the limelight is over...move on....maybe on the treadmill for starters). And for you hypocrits who are bashing thin woman...are you any better than people who bash obese woman? No! Be the size you are...but don't lie about it...own it and realize it is an ever-changing number that really means nothing above and beyond what part of the store you will be shopping in.


    I think she is absolutely drop dead gorgeous!!! Her size is perfect! Anytime she wants a date with someone in Ct she can look me up!!!


    blah blash blah thats what i think


    She looks great. But no way is she a size 8. Which dosent even matter. Dont make others comments change what you say or think about yourself. Being a size 10 or 12 is perfect. And is in no way fat!


    What do you expect from the Republicans...this is what they do to anyone they whose opinion they don't like...they go after the person themselves, not the person's ideas by simply debating it or pointing out what might be wrong with the particular view, but actually tearing that person apart on a very personal level...and these are the same people who love to bring up God and what God's word says and on and on...yet they are hateful and mean spirited even to their me, God would probably want nothing to do with them and their hateful ways

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