Kim Kardashian Shills for New Fragrance

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On Saturday night, somehow, some way, Kim Kardashian overcame the torment she faces about her body and faced the public.

She did so on behalf of her new fragrance, "Gold," which she says reminds her of her late father and "other happy times in my childhood.”

“To me, summer is sexy, beachy and glamorous with thoughts turning to romantic evenings,” Kardashian told People at the launch of the perfume outside Miami. “I wanted something powerful yet not too sweet. I got stressed out while developing the scent because I wanted it to be just perfect.”

Kim Kardashian Perfume Pic

Claiming to embrace her curvy side (for these few seconds, at least), Kim added that she designed the bottle to be "sleek and round" in order to "represent me" and recommended it to fans from personal use:

“I spray myself before I go out. The fragrance makes me feel sexy.”

NOTE: Kim Kardashian perfume is now on sale!

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Aniamalu jennifer you are the bitch not Kim and her family. All you ever do is insult them out of your pathetic jealousy.They are not hurt by your insults and what they do with their lives is none of your damn business so why do you bother writing hateful comments? Don't you have anything better to do!? You are dusgusting and just STFU already. Grow up and get a life instead of criticizing people for their lifestyles. Nothing you say will change the Kardashians lifestyles.


i love u so very much...... you are just my kind of person!


i lobe you kim you are so sexy n yet hardworking..........


hey guys can you all stop bitching about her ?. so what if she had plastic surgery in her body ?. that does not change who she is as a person inside okay ?. she has her own freaking life .so get yours ! stop labelling her for what her late dad did . what her dad did does not define who she is . even if she did stupid thing in the past . hello ! past does not equal to the future . and btw people make mistakes and learn from them .and kim is trying to say that at different point of time the perfume may create different feeling or thoughts to her . that does not means she had sex with her dad . you guys are just a piece of shit that only wanna pull other people's self esteem and morale down the drain . stop criticizing and AND GET A LIFE WOULD YOU ?


LOL PearTree that is what I thought too!!
Waste of money for sure!


u look so fake kim and i wonder wht d perfume wl remind u. maybe it wl remind u of ur fake butt,fake boobs,fake face,fake family,useless mom,ur porn movie,how u nearly ruin reggie,hw ur dad bcz of monry defended a murderer in a court and all ur useless, endless and meaning photoshoot. ur a BITCH and believe me, nothing good wl ever come out of a pornstar whose family has no shame and never gt tired of unnecessary media attention. USELESS FAMILY.


Wow! Very deep and insightful thoughts!


But yes her face does look a lil fake


why yall hating? I wanna buy her perfume see if it smells good :)


who in their right mind would want to smell like a whore!!!!!!

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