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Monday on Dancing With the Stars, viewers were shown footage of an event they likely heard about late last week – the fall that left Kym Johnson hospitalized.

It was not easy to watch. But combined with the shots of her in a neck brace, it made her flawless Salsa and Tango routines all the more impressive to watch.

With Kym all slinky and shiny, and with Hines Ward extra attentive and receptive to his partner, it was hard not to get a little emotional after the routines ended.

It’s also hard to envision them not coasting into next week’s finale. If two perfect scores don’t cinch that, Kym’s recovery and Hines’ back story should do it.

Watch them dance to perfection on last night’s show below:

DWTS Semifinals - Hines and Kym (Tango)
DWTS Semifinals - Hines and Kym (Tango)

Who will win DWTS?