Kardashian Sisters: Tormented by Their Weight!!!

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This is so tragic.

Despite their millions of dollars, steady marriages, healthy babies and giant breasts, the Kardashian sisters wake up each and every day tormented by one thing alone: their weight. According to the new issue of In Touch Weekly, it's all their pushy mother's fault, too.

Tormented by Their Weight!

We'd chalk this up as mere tabloid BS, but Khloe and company spend every opportunity they get whining about body image, body type and their latest diet plans. It's really nauseating.

In other magazine news, this edition claims to reveal the "truth about Bristol Palin's face." Sorry, In Touch, but we can already deliver that to readers, free of charge!


i love kim she is so pretty and her ssiters and her where silly bands so do i

Maria flores
@ allye



Hey guys,i tend not to care at all bout peoples lives.leave them alone, if they wanna be whorish as U call them,maybe they r,maybe not.i don care,wat i mean is that if they r rlly worth ur every thought n breath.let me tel U sth, think bout uaself being the intelligent diva n them rlly deeply admirin U.goodbye Yo all suckers.Be yo'self,dnt covet 2 much.think bout the normal stuff the kardashians covet of doin n they cant n howthey try too hard.tata yo' all


Omg! If all these said about kim are real, then i hate them all. The whole of the k's. They are disgrace †? the human race.

Maria flores
@ Makaz



kim is a WHORE and does nothing positive except butt implants, pose nude. for real i dnt fancy them bcz they're so hungry for fame and they have a bad and unculutred wayward mom.they lv spotlight so much and they can do anything to remain there.

Maria flores
@ aniamalu jennifer

You've got them down pat!


@ I love Kim so true and funny nice one! Kim already has super size butt implants so that story is ttl garbage you can google the pics and see the proof??? Khloe will never look like Kim or Kourt because her dad is not Robert Kardashian (rip) she can blame her whore pimp mother for that. Kourtney needs to worry about raising her son to be a respectable young man not worrying about plastic surgery - these women are to vain for words smh!


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@ i love kim that was amazing!!!! Hahahaha


that was fucken harsh 'i love kim'!!! But,...wow soooooo true.lol

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