Kim Kardashian and Fiance Make First Public Appearance

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With her mother's approval, and with the celebrity gossip world talking about her like never before, Kim Kardashian officially debuted her engagement and her fiance in Monaco last night.

The reality star and Kris Humphries attended the Amber Fashion Show at the Meridien Beach Plaza hotel in Monte Carlo yesterday, the sort of event Kris had likely never even heard of before hooking up with Kim.

In Monaco

As you can see, the couple were seated at table number-23. Which is appropriate. That's the number of millions this wedding special could rake in for the family.

How long do you think this union will last?



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OJ did not kill anyone, remember he had a trail and was found not!! in the case. If you nut cases had fellowed it you as well would have understood there was no way he was the person who killed anyone.


kim corina


Oh God they only got engaged like last week~this will never end!! UUUGG rather watch paint dry than get a daily up date on this whore!! It will never EVER work out and we will hear every minute of it~great!


About time she picked a guy that is not black. Kris raised a bunch of whores and Kris likes the money. Sick HO


I hope she'll be happy. No rush, Kim!....Take it easy!


Umm, who cares!!!!


Well.... at least she looks happy.. Maybe this time is a real thing going on for her.!


Hey Special K- what's wrong w/ you? Seriously? Why the crazy long diatribe every time Kim K is mentioned? Why all this hate for someone you don't know? Learn to ignore her, her show and maybe gossip sites. Seems like it's too much for you to handle.


Just another High price Call girl......they look like a pair of freaks together....well one good thing, he can get a bj with even sitting down~~