Kris on Kris: Mother Approves of Kim Kardashian's Fiance

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Consider this part five in what it sure to be our never-ending, nauseating series: The Day in Kim Kardashian Wedding News.

Today, we bring you word from the mother of the soon-to-be-bride, as Kris Jenner tells People her daughter and Kris Humphries very much have her blessing to wed.

"He is so amazing and sweet and after spending time with him I came to realize he was such an important part of the family," Kris says about Kris.

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Who could not love this face?

Kris adds that she has never seen her oldest so happy, summing up the engaged couple as follows:

"It's hard to let someone in to such a crazy, big, dynamic family and have someone hold their own. Kris does. And he allows Kim to be who she is. She is such an amazing person with such a big heart and she's such a romantic and he's exactly the same way. They're cute together."

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wld they last? thats d question. Bcz i knw dt big fake ass kim lvs posing nude and having endless and meaningless relationships, so they tell me y kim wld leave all ds fake life and posing 2 settle down? i doubt it so much


Ummm, who cares!!!!


Yeah Mommy Kardashian approves of him because he is loaded.......


these Kardashian girls are not good examples for teens. Then they have the nerve to comment on other shows being bad examples.


She has bless every relationship kim has had in the pass and every guy kim dates seems to be the right one for her, so they say.. Oh this guy is sweet and blah blah blah how can you really tell what men is the right one 4 her? when shes done with one the next day she already has another 1, I just dont understand, kim dates miles austin and looks as hes the right one, then they break up, the next few days shes with gabriel aubrey and she looks like hes the right one 2 so?! Just saying


i wonder if he he had a blue collar job would she feel the same?

Avatar is not the oldest let me tell ya some good reporting...can't even get the easy info right lol :)


as long as the men her daughters date have money & fame she is fine with it. She still has 2 more teenage girls to pimp out at home.


Lol Kris has subliminally disowened Kourtney as she refused to obey her mother and whore herself out to a rich athlete!


KRIS BEWARE of genital wartsl she has 'em. Kim is NOT the oldest.