Jersey Shore Scoop: Deena Cortese Nearly Plunges to Her Death Off a Bridge in Italy

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Wherever the Jersey Shore crew goes, trouble is sure to follow.

Case in point? Deena Cortese deciding to climb over a bridge in Florence and almost falling into the River Arno WAY down below. Fortunately (or not, depending on your point of view), Sammi Giancola grabbed on to her for dear life.

Deena survived her journey on the stone structure in one piece:

Jump, Deena! Jump!
Deena and Sam in Italy

Despite being booed by locals and banned from drinking in the street by the Mayor of Florence, it seems the gang are still intent on behaving badly.

Earlier in the day Deena, nicknamed "The Blaster" for reasons unknown, was seen admiring Michelangelo's statue of David. But not how you think.

She wasn't gazing at the jaw-dropping marble statue, but a nude, crude novelty apron which captivated her attention. Class in a glass, baby!

The whole cast of the MTV show arrived in Florence earlier this month to film season four. Sadly, they'll probably return to the U.S. after that.



its sooo dumb how people talk about them so badly, when in reality most people there age are doing the same stuff, or wanna do the same stuff. there young, out of school and havin a good time and taking in new experiences. before this they were normal like you and me, and they have dreams like you and me. They just happen to be being followed around by a camera, i mean its no different than any other reality show, not to mentiion its for our entertainment, would it be such a big hit if they were prim and proper....i dont think so.


Who knows, maybe some of that old-world culture will rub on and they will come back a bit wiser. Here's hoping. Also, it's not as if Italian youngsters are all perfectly behaved themselves. I think some people there are being just a bit hypocritical in wanting to "send them away". These kids are annoying as hell but relatively harmless...


PLEASE don't send them back to the U.S.! Maybe put them on a private plane with holes in the gas tank?? Not only do they give Italians a bad name but they give humans a bad name!!


It's loser not looser.


Oh damn so close yet so fucking far! Hope she and the rest of those loosers find another hole to fall in.

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