Italy to Jersey Shore Cast: Go Home, Idiots!

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Florence, Italy, is a city boasting Renaissance architecture, world class art, history, cosmopolitan culture, famous museums, gourmet food and high fashion.


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    First of all, all of u americans that think america is soo great! Its not! Jersey Shore can be rare times, but mostly its about these immature dumbasses who get paid millions of dollars to get drunk and act like absolute jackasses! Just recently, Abercrombie & Fitch released a statement in regards to Mike the Situation! They paid him shitloads of money to NOT wear their clothing! Maybe they are on to something there! The only sensible people on the show are Vinny and Ronnie!
    Okay back to u americans, Stop talking shit about other countries and grow the fuck up! I mean, if ur going to make up bullshit, make it believable!


    Those of you who think reality TV is worth watching...GET YOUR OWN LIFE! You people have no life so you live it through reality TV idiots. Italy said it right "they are idiots."


    Ummm... one tip for The Situation. Get a life and stop leaning over other peoples and being a F$%# damn 2-face. and Pauly D. stop taking Situation side becase he is full of Shit and Ronnie make up ur mind, u shouldnt be talking Sammi just danced with a boy, YOU MADE OUT! WITH A GIRL!thats some shit there. and Snooki take a break off boys and party, Denna Party hard with Snooki, Jwow, Is it true that u are pregnate!


    well thats rude of them to treat tourist that way. ...he looks chunky in that pic.

    Avatar guys also gave the world, massive debt, terroist attacks, and obese children. Not to mention the most corrupted government of our time. you failed to mention that.


    Italians are Great! Your just jealous your not one!!! Why don't you jump off a bridge!


    rbw- they have medication and psyche wards for people like you. Can we say anger management? Its not America thats bad its SOME of the people in it, not all people are trash but some are. That doesnt mean everyone should die!


    america is the dumbest nation on earth. its a fact. and everyone hates u, ignorant, fat assed pigs. AND RANDYJACKSONSBUTT - U STUPID RETARD, AUTOMOBILE, RAILWAYS WTF R U ON ABT! AND INTERNET! INTERNET WASNT MADE IN AMERICA U FUCKIN LOSER! none of it was. go research u cunt before even commenting. JESUS FUCKIN CHRIST! This just proves U R THE STUPIDEST nation ever. yes and we all hate u. we do. so sad isnt it. just wait till IRAN bombs ur ass with nuclear bomb ha ha ha we all gonna miss ur MACDONALDS!


    Is yous a word? No? I didn't think so.


    The idiots are the people writing bad things about these people. The show is awesome and so are the cast, good people. There just young enjoying their lifes, but sad pathetic people cant help commenting, grow up. Yous are just JEALOUS!!

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