From a Woman to a Man: Chaz Bono Opens Up to Oprah

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Chaz Bono is opening up about his difficult journey of physically transitioning from a woman to a man in both a new memoir and a series of interviews.

In his book, appropriately titled Transition, and a documentary, Becoming Chaz, he talks about his sexual appetite from hormone injections, for one.

The former Chastity Bono is remarkably forthright on this subject.

Chaz admits he doesn't remember much from childhood, saying "I was just thinking about 'The Sonny and Cher Show' ... not thinking about reality."

The daughter turned son of Sonny and Cher writes about the decision to undergo gender reassignment and the physical and mental pain it entailed.

Here's a clip from his sit-down with Oprah Winfrey yesterday ...

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Chaz didn't 'get a penis'. She just lopped of her breasts and grew a beard. Big deal. News flash Chaz, if you have a vajayjay, your a woman. Man up and get the johnson if you want to pass yourself off as a dude. Right now you are only playing dress up.


'this is the time God's power is needed we are all praying for you my dear.'

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