Dr. Conrad Murray Trial Postponed Until Fall

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Dr. Conrad Murray is free to kick it at the Spearmint Rhino strip club all he wants until fall. His involuntary manslaughter trial has been postponed until September.

Opening statements were set to begin next week, but the doctor's legal team bought itself additional time to craft a defense of the embattled physician.

Murray, of course, is being tried for Michael Jackson's death.

Thank goodness Murray is free on bail while awaiting trial!

Murray's attorneys asked for the delay to prepare for new witnesses the prosecution plans to call. It's not clear who, but his cadre of babes is a good guess.

They also need time to prepare to give a pig Propofol. Supposedly.

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If the autopsy report is correct, there's a good chance that DR Murray will walk on the manslaughter charge. If the report is true that MJ had propfal in his stomach, it's quite possible that Michael woke up, grabbed the bottle of propfal and foolishly drank a large dose. Propofal is not an oral medication, it's administered intravenously so how did it get in Michaels stomach? That being said, the problem the doctor will face is that he never should have had propofal in the first place. Only a qualified anesthesiologist should administer this drug and monitor the pt continuously during this period.


I am just tired, I can barely get it together, on the Michael Jackson is DEAD...subject. Honestly, I could care less what, Dr. Murray does, only one thing I ask of him, please for God sake tell us what happened that day, what went wrong, were U out of the room...what happened..did U come back and he was just Dead....really what went down...why did he Die!, I know this was not the first time he game Michael Jackson this cocktail of medication...Why did he DIE....that day...Was it because he was so tired from all the rehersals...What!...I just gotta know....I am still and will always be loving on Mr. Michael Jackson.....forever...he meant a great deal to me...through out my life there was always Michael Jackson...now I can't run to the T.V. anymore, and see what's going on with him....I can not stand it......What went so wrong that day!..


Completely agree with dick, Michael did overload himself with prescription drugs but the one from Dr Conrad Murray could have just been the finishing point when it wouldn't have killed any other healthy person. RIP MICHAEL JACKSON


when does the trail start in september does anyone know for sure i hope its soon


doctor murray shouldn't be keep getting away with his part of what he did he is the doctor he took the oath to save everyones life no matter who the person is its time to pay murry i seen the movie this is it and michael work hard in it and he remember his old songs and he dance better then the younger dances did your the one that put all those drugs into michael now your trying to get out of it doctor's should pay for there part of what he did plus he was on his cell phone talking to his girlfriends he wasn't takeing care of michael how can he be we would like justice done


Doctor Murray didn't kill Michael Jackson ,it was the invisible man napping next to him.


hey dick it sounds like to me that your hating on michael! when will michael ever get justice!




we wait again? ooh man.murray shld b in jail already!(even though he didnt kill mike but we still need to blame somebody


It's never a good idea to hire a doctor to drug a big star, especially when they die.that can seriouslyl get you sued.

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