Daniel Tosh on Alabama Tornado Disaster: God Hates Nick Saban!

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Daniel Tosh's detest for the University of Alabama has become a running gag, thanks to two Crimson Tide alumni on his staff and Tosh's love of the Miami Dolphins, the team Nick Saban quit after two years to become head coach at Alabama.

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    I'm only posting this as I normally enjoy, or at the very least tolerate the programs aired on selected stations. No offense, but you suck.


    Jessica, you are an idiot. I'm not a fan of either team, but that wasn't a cheap shot. Besides, even if McCoy played, they still probably would have lost.


    I've never heard of Alabama until now. I'll have to Google it.


    Tosh is a fool to make the comments he made.... this is not comedy. If there is anybody that God hates, it would certainly not be Nick Saban. Saban and his team has helped Tuscaloosa immensely. I suggest all you morons who think that Saban is such a demon read Lars Anderson's latest account in Sports Illustrated. If you think his insensitive and hate filled remarks are funny, you are just as stupid and unknowing as he.....


    love it tosh feel bad for alabama as a state. hate saban. HE WOULD NOT HAVE A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP IF NOT FOR THAT CHEAP SHOT ON COLT AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT.


    I love Tosh.O. His hatred is against Nick Saban for what he did to Daniel's favorite football team. Any change Daniel can get to put down Saban he will. It's humor that not everyone gets. No everyone gets every comic and no one is forced to watch him. If you watch his show you would know he puts down everyone everywhere, not just Alabama.


    Daniel is someone I wouldn't be worried about. He is not that famous or represents America in a big way. Why should I care what a scum thinks about my state? F.Y.I Racism is everywhere, not just Alabama. Really, this is probably the only job he's descant at. Let him do his thing. If no one likes it, change the channel. I know I do.


    Daniel Tosh LOVES Alabama. He loves us so much he mentions us every chance he can get. Besides, he wouldn't be famous without us. Think about it America.

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