Confirmed: Meredith Vieira Leaving Today, Ann Curry to Replace Her as Host

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Meredith Vieira confirmed that she will leave NBC's Today show next month.

She made the announcement on this morning's broadcast, citing a desire to spend more time with her family. Ann Curry will replace her as host.

Meredith Vieira Last Day

The turnover at TV's top-rated morning show was anticipated. Vieira replaced Katie Couric in 2006, and has talked about wanting more free time.

Ann Curry (left) will replace Meredith Vieira.

Vieira has three children and her husband, author Richard M. Cohen, has penned a best-selling book on coping with multiple sclerosis and colon cancer.

"Even as I say this and I know that it's the right thing, I'm really sad," she said, fighting back emotion as she made the announcement on air.

Her co-host, Matt Lauer, said that Meredith Vieira "has brought class and dignity and talent and a joy of life to this show for the last five years."

Transitions are a bit unusual for Today, as Vieira was still the newbie among the show's "core four" that includes Lauer, Curry and Al Roker.

Curry has been with the show since 1997 as the news anchor.

Passed over for the top job five years ago when Vieira was chosen, she stuck with the show and carved out a new reputation as a reporter.

She was in Pakistan last week following Osama bin Laden's death.

"I feel like the high school computer nerd who has just been asked to the prom by the quarterback of the football team," Curry said.

Today is careful to cultivate the image of family, and made the announcement with the five regulars seated on a couch, making jokes.

Meredith Vieira says she'll leave the show in June.


Good bye Meredith! You have made my mornings a better start! Will miss you as part of the gang on Today!


Meredith, many viewers will miss you very, very much. I went thru a whole box of tissues. What a send off! I will treasure that forever. Yes, you should make copies & sell them. Amazing ending for a terrific lady. Will miss you very much. Good luck to you and your family. May you always be happy as you have made us all! Love.
A loyal fan.


Hate 2 c meredith her and all the group.I also think Matt is the bomb. Wanda


Best Luck to Meridith; so admire her and she gives such a calm aura to everything. Love Ann Curry; got a post grad degree from U of O, so have that in common. I have been such a fan of Kathy Lee for years; having said that; not so much anymore. When she was kissing Jimmy last night on t.V. (suppose to be funny) but, hmmm, a bit too much. Then she sat there and talked about the Weiner boy; and who isn't? but, I couldn't help but think, this may not be the best day for her sitting in judgment. However, like her and Hoda, I'm a wine lover.


I will miss Meredith.... I have enjoyed watching this show with you on it.... you will be missed.


I am sooo happy for Ann! It has been a long time coming! As for Meredith...she was alright in the beginning but recently she has been acting really strange and some of her comments the past few weeks have flirted the thin line between appropriate and inappropiate. With my kids watching between 7 & 8 in the morning I find myself telling them to go out of the rrom more often than not. I am glad she is going to leave.


Congratulations to Ann in her promotion. Continued good ratings for The Today Show. All the best to Meredith and her family!!


I love Anne! congrats to her. and goodluck to Meredith. i have MS myself so i understand the need for her at home. what a blessing.


I'm so happy for Ann. I have really liked Meredith, she was great on the View.