Charlie Sheen to Chuck Lorre: I'm No Heroin Addict!

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Charlie Sheen says he's never done heroin in his life.

While hard to believe in a sense, he's admitted everything he HAS done proudly, so you have to wonder why he'd lie about it. Why did it even come up?

Because his former boss Chuck Lorre took a thinly-veiled shot at Sheen with his vanity card at the end of The Big Bang Theory on Thursday night.

Lorre made reference to a monkey on the sitcom exhibiting "increasingly erratic" behavior, refusing to work, being "a heroin addict," checking into rehab, etc.

Pretty clear who the CBS producer was referring to, right?

As he has many times before, Sheen reamed out Lorre earlier in the week at the suggestion that Two and a Half Men can exist without him.

He was not pleased with the heroin assertion Lorre made after TBBT, telling TMZ in response "I have never done or tried heroin in my life."

So that's that. Probably. Here's Lorre's vanity card cheap shot:

Lorre Card

Why isn't Chuck Lorre being crucified for being such a jerk -- he continues to antagonize Charlie Sheen -- no wonder that Charlie continues to harangue on him -- so would you. Chuck Lorre is about as low as you can go and gets away with it. He is a jerk!




Everyone should just get off Charlie Sheens case. Yes he needs help but he clearly isn't going to get it if he doesn't have support and if everyone is picking on him! Everyone has demons they don't wish to be judged on.


Typical of an addict still in denial. Saying they don't use this drug or the one they use is not as bad or that they only drink and don't use so itr's not a problem. Besides, it was a joke. And after all the things Sheen has said about Lorre in total seriousness he has no right to be upset at this little jab (if it even was a jab at him). Suck it up Sheen, you can't treat people like shit then be upset when they fire back at you a tiny bit. Grow up.


I thought it was a spoof about Charlie not a news broadcast
and I didn't take it as being such
what is that saying he who protesteth too much.....
describes Charlie to a T
real-wishes dot com where your wishes become reality


It's possible that Lorre was spoofing Sheen but when you write satire, you are allowed to change or exaggerate some of the details, aren't you? Since Lorre hasn't specified Sheen in his vanity card, but rather a monkey that appeared on BBT, Sheen (and the public) cannot automatically assume that Lorre was making an exact reference to the type of drug(s) that Sheen has used in his lifetime, so far. And really, using crack cocaine is SO MUCH BETTER than using heroin? Please. It's a joke, not meant to be taken seriously.


I belive Mr Sheen ego has gone into his head if you are a drug user or an alochic you use anything and everything and liquer you drink anything I think he should get of his high horse and get professional help or he will end somewhere where he does not want to be


While one can see how some one with an ego the size of a mountain can believe anything is about them, Cthe monkey to Mr. Sheen never even enter my mine.


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