Bethenny Frankel: Sued for $100 Million

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Earlier this year, Bethenny Frankel claimed she has earned over $120 million since she debuted as a Real Housewife on Bravo.

Turns out, she may need every last dime of that fortune.

According to E! News, the reality star is being sued by her former management company, Raw Talent Inc., for non-payment of commission. The firm is asking for $12 million because Frankel "willfully and knowingly fleeced" it out of allegedly earned funds. It's also demanding $100 million in punitive damages.

B. Frank

In August of 2008, Bethenny went to Raw Talent for help developing and marketing her Skinnygirl cocktail line. The lawsuit alleges she agreed to pay the company a 10 percent commission from profits made off that line - but never shelled out anything after it was sold for nine figures.

No response to the suit yet from Frankel's side, whose life might not be so good if she's forced to pay up.

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A shrew and her money are soon parted..


She looks like many members of her "tribe". She looks like Jillian Michaels, Kirstie Allie, Julia Dreyfus, Carly Simon...they all look remarkably like sisters. They all changed their Jewish last names to Christian names, as if folks did not know they are all Jews! ha ha.


All you Bethenny haters, get a freakin life! She is absolutely not ugly in any way shape or form, and she is smarter and funnier than any of those other stupid bitches on the New York House Wives, especially backstabbing, self centered, jealous, bragging Jill, rude and ignorant LueAnn who thinks her shit doesn't stink, and that completely and totally brain dead Kelly. Bethenny has more going for her in her little fingernail than that whole bunch put together. People hate others that succeeded if it's not them. She's a hard worker and didn't have anything just handed to her or marry the money. Get off all your high horses. If you don't like her, don't watch her. Bashing her just showes how jealous you are of her. 99% of you haters just wish you looked half as good as her.


i just wanna say first of all this women has busted her ass. and no body gave her a freaking break is just disgusting that they wanna do this to someone that has work so hard for every single penny she has earned. And by the way just like kids look up to people this is one person i have the b@lls to say that as a man i admire this women and i look up to her just like if i will look up to a man that a business man. Keep fighting and never give up never!!!


Isn't it just like a man to wait until a woman makes a lot of money on her own idea that she worked harder than any three men to develope and then in jumps the man saying you owe me 80% of what you earned. I need to sit back on my lazy butt, let you do the work and then give me your money. What a sorry piece of crap Raw Deal is. Surely no judge on earth would give that bunch one thin dime. I'm with you all the way Bethenny. You deserve every penny you worked so hard for. You, Jason, and your precious Bryn.


Bethenny is one of my favorite Real Housewives. Stop hatin on her! If this is true, so what? That just means she's no different than any other celebrity out there! They're ALL shady, just like politicians!! Why are you people acting so surprised??


Bethenny is starting to look like the bottom feeding reptilian fame whoring money grubby opportunistic creature she is........look at that hideous face! Jeez, and before I had my coffee. And all those idiots out there who believe that she "loves" her fans. SHe loves your money, aholes.


What does this whole mess indicate regarding our society? 120 million for a cheap, foul tasting liquor brand that stupid women run out and buy to put money in this shyster's bank account? With all of the starving, suffering people in the world this is the crap that is going on? Unbelievable.


Get a life. You are pathetic.


The lawsuit is not trivial or a joke. She is a con woman. Raw Talent has the email confirming that they would be entitled to any commission from the liquor brand. And what the hell happened to her (not that she was ever any great shakes). She looks like a starvation victim and about 90 years old. She is a horrid mess.