Arnold Schwarzenegger: I'll Be Back ... Together With Maria Shriver?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger wants Maria Shriver to come back to him. Whether she obliges is a different story, but he's supposedly determined to make it happen.

The Governator is changing his ways to make that happen. Sort of.

Arnold and Maria Pic

Sources say Arnold finally gets that Maria couldn't stand the fact that he was ignoring her and her needs, having spent very little time together in recent years.

Arnold has actually made headway, making Maria "ambivalent" at times about whether to go through with a divorce, despite their just-announced separation.

"Maria has been tortured over pulling the plug on the marriage," a source says. "One day she's determined to get the hell out, the next day she just can't."

Notably, they just spent an evening at an L.A. area hotel for their anniversary. Doesn't sound like somebody emotionally terrified of their spouse, does it?

One source very familiar with the couple says that amid the separation, "Arnold has done a 180. He's been really sweet to her since all this went down."

Guys. Can't live with 'em, are we right ladies?


she will marry again. Let him "have cake"! Stray dogs must be left to die! No excuses here. He must pay and live as an idiot with a big tag on his forehead! That's how women should do with strays! She will get another man in a jif! Wait and see. He can have little bitches to complement his decadent old star insecurities. You go Maria!!! You are a Kennedy. He is nothing without you. Let him eat his own dog food!


Maria Shriver will be a dumb idiot if she takes him back. He's an asshole!


I think he is a dog, as most men are until they get caught. If she is smart, she will leave his sorry --- because once a cheater, always a cheater.


She's A FOOL if she takes him back and deserves whatever comes her way. She turned a blind eye since their dating days.


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Sounds to me like Maria is conflicted because she takes marriage seriously, as more people should. Though I must say that anyone can be very sweet and wonderful as he is being now when faced with their spouse leaving them. Whatever the reasons for the split and whatever the long term outcome I hope they can both co parent their children. I believe any marriage that can be saved should be saved, but if this one can't then I hope they can put the kids first. I think they should be left alone to figure this out for themselves. I wish them both much luck and happiness.


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This power couple will settle their differences amongst themselves!!

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