Alicia Silverstone Welcomes Baby Bear Blu Jarecki!

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Alicia Silverstone has just become a mother.

The actress welcomed a baby boy named Bear Blu Jarecki this week, easily surpassing Mariah Carey's baby names in terms of one you didn't see coming.

Still, all that matters is that they're happy.

“Mom and Dad are completely in love,” Silverstone’s rep said of Alicia’s baby with husband Christopher Jarecki, adding that Bear is a “beautiful baby boy.”

Pregnant Alicia Silverstone

During Silverstone’s pregnancy, the actress promoted her new vegan cookbook The Kind Diet, and writes on the book’s website, “We are all three in love!"

"I’m so grateful to this community for all the love, support, good wishes and happy vibes you’ve sent me during my pregnancy ... it has been wonderful.”

Congratulations to the actress and to her happy family.



Stupid name! With all the nice normal names out there she picks this bizarre name? What are they going to call him for a nickname? BB? Or baby when he is past toddlerhood? Or bear? Which is an animal's name! No brains to pick this name.


Still the same girl from Clueless!!


I luv that name! super cute! some celebs names are cuter than others. there is nothing worse than having 5 kids in the same classroom with the same name.


Omg! That name!! What is up with these celebrities naming their babies these weird names? They are just condemning these kids to daily ass whippings at school!! I mean really? Bear blu? Morroco? Apple? Geez!! Poor kids!!


I am a firm believer that parents have the "title rights" to their babies and children's Names,but to "give" a child a Name that you have to look at several times to believe that is really the child's Name is a total disservice to that child. Alicia is a beautiful Name for a child.At what point do parents get when they have to "reward" a child with a Name that is so off the charts??

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