Rebecca Black, "Friday" to Get the Glee Treatment!

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In the music world, being covered by Glee is a sign that you've made it and a true honor. Unless you're Dave Grohl or Kings of Leon, but that's another story.

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    i think yall are some ignorant ass people for makin fun nd askin y she was put here yea the song wasnt that good but still she does have feeling too she is human just like us nd u kno damn well if ppl was makin death threats nd makin fun of u then u would be upset too yea we all have feelings nd yes they get hurt but dnt be makin fun of ppl to make u feel better nd yes i am stickin up for her cuz i like her song love me or hate me it will only make me stronger :)


    ARE YOU SERIOUS???????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did youo read the article about her getting death threats? I must say as much as I hate the song I feel sorry for her Rebbca (Sorry if I spelled your name wrong) But it isnt her fault if the song is bad Hey dont get down Rebbca One day your going to be as great as Taylor Swift or The Black Eyed Peas Just keep your head up Pray Remember even through you dont even know me I'll be right with you if your on a show I'll be watching GO! GO! GO!


    Why?????????????? rebecca black! you ruin all that's good in my life! tumblr (too much things about her in my dash) my ears and GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU REBECCA BLACK!!! AHHH Y U EXIST!!! WHY??????


    Friday was in fact a viral marketing campaign for a new movie ?


    I luv glee but y rebecca black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????


    Actually, a good move. So many people love to hate it that lots will tune in just to see what it's about..just like the video. It's just one, stupid, and viral..did I mention "viral"? The whole thing will blow over after the next episode..


    Teen Bop + Soap Opera = Decent
    Teen Bop + Stupid ass song with terrible lyrics = Done before
    SNL should do this instead of Glee + Blindsided FOX = Devastation.
    I hate Friday. And I am not as much of a Gleek as I used to be. The show won't last another season. Might as well leech off a spoiled girl's undeserved fame.


    If your going to stop watching this show because of one song, then you weren't a fan to begin with. I think them singing Friday will be fun. And sure you may not like this song, but Rebecca black is still more famous than you and me.


    so the New Direction guys want to cover 'Friday'? Good news. At least Rachel, Mercedes, and the fag..oh sorry, he's moved to Dalton-and the rest of the gang will perform it 100 times much better than autotune.


    nooo! glee is my fave show! rebecca black ur song sux u have no reason 2 b on glee! glee will lose so many fans... 1 of them being me!

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