Matt Lauer Just Wants to Get PAID

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Matt Lauer may say he's considering leaving the Today Show, but really, sexy beast just wants to line those coffers, if you follow where we're coming from.

Unlike Glenn Beck leaving Fox, Katie Couric exiting CBS or Matt's own co-host Meredith Vieira bolting Today, Matt's only real endgame is a bigger payday.

At least according to TMZ, which reports that he's angling for a $25 million contract. ANNUALLY. Matt currently pays the bills on a measly $17 million.


Sources connected with NBC say talk of Matt leaving Today is nothing more than a well timed negotiating ploy, following Vieira's announced September exit.

The short story is that Today has been the #1 morning show for 15 years, a virtual cash register for the Peacock, and Matt Lauer wants his slice of the pie.

Not a small one, either.



He is sooooo old, and bald and short. Take this opportunity to fire the fossil, and hire some hottie with a real personality. Pls have hair, bald is soooooo gross.


These envious people calling Matt Lauer greedy. After watching him for years he swwms pretty honest to me. I'm pretty sure he pays his fair share of taxes has high expenses and it took him a long time to get where he is. So, if he wants a raise why not ask for one? He has that right just like anyone else. Stop picking on the people who provide you with the news and info you require.


Who cares if NBC's profits keep rising... they have no obligation to share their increases with the people responsible for their growth. They should get to keep it all... and label anyone that wishes to share in it as "Greedy."


Let him go! People are unemployed, trying to pay for food, gas, keep their houses and he's complaining about $17mil not being enough. These pompous greedy people have it made!


People are struggling to feed their families and he makes millions he is disgusting and greedy to me and he lost a today show viewer


Let's see him struggle to pay $3.60 a gal for gas and to put food on the table for a while. That $17 mil a yr would look pretty good


These people r just plain greedy. I dont see mr lauer saving lives or risking his own. Let him go, someday people will realize whats really important on life, like trying to stay alive in a hostile place. Lets send him to war and if he can last a week, maybe he can share his payday with our heroes.


What GREED! The rest of us are slogging along just to eat; here's a guy highly paid for entertainment and he isn't happy? Let them all go, try something different with someone who appreciates a salary.