Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth Cast in The Hunger Games

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Liam Hemsworth, best known for being in The Last Song and Miley Cyrus' pants, will now be seen in the wildly-anticipated film adaptation of The Hunger Games.

Hemsworth has been cast as Gale Hawthorne, the close companion / secret hunting partner of Katniss Everdeen, the lead character played by Jennifer Lawrence.

Think these two will make a formidable on-screen tandem?

Josh Hutcherson Pic
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CASTING GAME: Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth will star alongside Jennifer Lawrence in the highly-anticipated film adaptation of The Hunger Games.

The casting news was confirmed by E! Online. Whether or not Liam and Miley are back together has not yet been independently verified, but stay tuned.

Meanwhile, coming off a critically-acclaimed role in The Kids Are Alright, up and comer Josh Hutcherson won the highly sought-after part of Peeta Mellark.

The role of Peeta, the brave baker's son who enters the games with Katniss, was rumored to be filled by others, included Alex Pettyfer and Hunter Parrish.

Didn't happen for them. Think Josh Hutcherson will be a good fit as Peeta? What about Liam as Gale? Sound off on these casting moves in the comments.


They bothered great but Iam a huge fan of Josh he was the best to me but thats just my opinion


Honestly, I'm a huge Josh Hutcherson fan and I know he'll do a fantastic job no matter what role he portrays. I don't care what hair color he will have (does it honestly matter? It's just hair!) The movie would be pointless if it was EXACTLY like the book anyway.


I agree with the choice for josh as Peeta. His attitude is perfect and really, does it matter what color his hair is? I think it's a great choice. But I'm not to big on the actress for Katniss, but i guess we'll see...


i love them both, but they should switch roles :3 but lets see how it goes X)


I have to admit, the lightning theif was pretty messed up, but I think Josh'll do fine.
Tess: I'm just gonna say I could not agree more!


I think they'll do a good job. Josh is just a cutie! I kinda hope he'll dye his hair, but he might look weird. And Liam needs to dye his hair black too... I was hoping they'd pick unknown actors for the show but all three choices are fairly good actors and since Suzanne Collins (the author of the book) is writing the screen play it should turn out fine. Who knows though, movies are never as good as the books.


Ya. Are they going to dye it blond. Peeta's hair is blond, but I cant imagine josh with blond hair. i think he will look odd with blond hair.


is josh going to dye his hair blond? he has to...


josh works for the hunger games but liam does no wo ever!!!!!!


OMG NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! this movie's gonna be messed up like lightning theif or something :(

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