Justin Bieber: Super Frustrated, Needing to Chill

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Justin Bieber says he needs to take some time to chill following a heated incident with members of the paparazzi in Israel earlier this week.

Sadly for Bieliebers, that means no (or less) Tweeting.

"I'm just excited at this point to get on stage and perform," Justin wrote. "Gonna take a little break from Twitter and enjoy time with my family until then."

"[I've] been super frustrated and just need some time to vent and chill."

Back Away From the Bieb

Back away from the Bieb!

Bieber's comments came after paparazzi caused him to retreat to his hotel rather than visit Israeli monuments. He lamented their lack of respect in the Holy Land.

One can understand where he's coming from. Kid never gets a break.

But, shortly after saying goodbye to the microblogging site, Bieber retweeted fans' tweets and then seemingly signaled a return to Twitter: "Patience is a virtue."

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"their lack of respect in the Holy Land"? are u serious? jb look if they dont respect you enough to leave u alone then chances r they wont respect the Holy Land either so suck it up cuz after all the lord says not to get angry right? LOL


I love you justen bieber so so mutch


Justin Biever is aweeeesome and if i could i would want to date him cuz he is super hoooooott!and soo sweet.


Yall need 2 stop talking about justin bieber. If u dnt like him then dnt get on his FANSITE and dnt comment idots come on pls children love u justin


i feel for you justin i mean with the fame and all i love yall


yeah j.b you need a break you only 17 man mwah! love you lots:)


That is so bad pls leave justin bieber alone i love justin bieber 100% j.b your are mine not selena gomez kisssssssssssssss


You take as much time off as you need justin you deserve it. It wont kill us if you don't tweet for a week or two. :)


First of all i dis agree with @mari , @selena and @ angel all three of you are wrong justin bieber appreciates the fans and he has worked very hard to get where he is now also no one does not want the papparazi's in their face 24/7 all the time it gets ridiculous plenty of celebs get really tired of that and they want some privacy to be left alonr and people need to respect his wishes and leave him alone ! And he does not need to get over himself you guys do though seriously worry about yourselves and not how justin bieber is doing with his life .


thats so sad...leave biebs alone he really needs break from fame:)

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