Dr. Conrad Murray: Play On, Player!

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If you've followed the Michael Jackson case and noted that Dr. Conrad Murray had dealings with several different women the day MJ died, that's not an error.

Dr. Murray crossed a professional line in treating Michael based on his involvement with three women, according to new documents filed by prosecutors.

According to the documents, Dr. Murray was on the phone with a cocktail waitress prosecutors say was his girlfriend minutes before the 911 call was made.

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Prosecutors say this woman in question, Sade Anding, was in Houston where she met Murray while working as a cocktail waitress. Why was he calling her?

Who the heck knows, but officials say the call proves Murray was paying attention to his girlfriend, and not MJ, during the critical period before MJ's death.

Moreover, prosecutors want to admit into evidence a $500 check that Dr. Murray wrote to Sade Anding "after the two came back from a social outing."

Murray allegedly had communications with two other women that day, too:

  • Michelle Bella, a stripper at Spearmint Rhino Gentleman's Club in Vegas, got a text from Murray at 8:30 a.m. on June 25, 2009. Prosecutors want the jury to see a receipt for $1,100 from the Rhino the day he met Bella.
  • Bridgette Morgan also called Murray on June 25 to ask about a plane ticket he said he was purchasing for her so she could fly out to see him.

Well then. It looks like the good doctor was up to some shady stuff aside from the whole injecting Michael with Propofol and leaving the room thing.

Who would have guessed Conrad was such a player? Even more amazing? He was dating another woman, Nicole Alvarez, during all of this!

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