Shedding For the Royal Wedding: Is Kate Middleton Too Thin?

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We know she's got this big wedding thing coming up and all, but is Kate Middleton - looking very slender in a black dress and tan heels yesterday - getting too thin?

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    she is a gorgeous woman but really look at her she is too thin, I hope she is not going to be another Diana, anorexic. Maybe she is pregnant who knows, maybe morning sickness. Living in that family would cause anyone stress.


    She looks hideous! What's with this thin thing? The men I know, and respect, like a curvy gal! :-)


    Come on! Doesn't the press have anything better to do than criticize England's young Royals? They are sick! I mean really, just leave the poor girl alone! She's only been a Princess for less than a week, and already she's getting crap from everyone! Well, I guess she's actually been putting up with the press for a lot longer than less than a week, but, you know what I mean.


    Kate looks great> im only seeing the same pictures of her looking "too skinny" its probably the angles they took the pictures and as she gets older she"ll have difficulty staying thin. the press is always going to try and find something wrong with her! give her a break shes wonderful!


    well, I think full figure and curves look more elegant in woman clothing than skin and bones :$ the men would agree with me its not even the best touch in bed ;) So its a delusion that woman should become skeletal to look attractive.


    Kate is fine in fact she's the finest woman ever


    I think she's still really pretty. I don't think she looks too thin. I'm sure she'll be alright.


    she is skin and bones, look at her neck! yuck, and her elbows, they go out, its discusting and think that there are little girls out there who look up to her as she is a soon to be princess. elbows shouldn't stick out like hers, she needs to be at least 5lbs heavier, at least.


    I doubt she needs our opinions. She's probably flooded with more of them than she needs right there in the UK. But I do pray she isn't already experiencing the eating disorders some of the Royals drove Diana to.


    Kate is probably caving in to social pressure to look "just right" and apparently thin is still in. Just the perfect message to send to young girls and teenagers. I hope after the wedding she fills out.

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