Hugh Hefner on Crystal Harris Prenup: Who Needs It?

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Hugh Hefner has no intention of making loving, caring fiancee Crystal Harris sign a prenuptial agreement, according to reports. And seriously, why would he?

She's only 60 years younger than he and he only has like $43 million.

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Sources close to Hugh and Crystal Harris say neither has even uttered the word "prenup" at any point in their courtship. The wedding is 10 weeks away.

What could go wrong?

There have already been concerns raised by his other exes and even rumors of Crystal cheating with Jordan McGraw. But Hugh's just not going there.

Hef, who has been married twice before, hasn't raised a prenup convo because he "actually cares about Crystal" and doesn't want to ask her to sign one.

Airtight reasoning right there.

Crystal doesn't believe that Hef will bring it up before they tie the knot and, rather stunningly, doesn't intent to raise the issue herself. So it totally works out.

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proof that hef is finally going senile. so sad.


Ms blondie is marrying $$$$$$$$$$


TO George: You are a very sad man and he will die alone. Money is nothing without health and family PERIOD!


He is an old pig, who would want to marry him? IDC how much money he has, i would never allow my dauhghter to marry an old man. What a nightmare for this woman's parents. He is nothing more than a washed up sex addict on viagra.


I really feel so sorry for him. he is really lost


I believe that has lived a life using women. And vicevera If it is is not true love you still will not be happy. I would rather live a normal life with love than to be bought. sooner or later you will have to stand before the lord. thats what is wrong with young people these days its all about me me me and money money money. where is the compassion for the sick, the needy, the dieing? Instead of giving your money to whores.Think about children dieing, People going hungry, and no roof over their head


Well....all i can say is he deserves everything he gets if hes really THAT stupid!!!! That girl sees nothing but dollar signs. So go for it hef... You lost the best thing u ever or never had when u dumped on Holly. but at least shes making it on her own without u. Crystal take him to the cleaners!! He deserves it!!! haha


He digs her - good luck Hef!


Damn shame and everyone wants to talk about Madonna, and this old nasty fart is marrying someone who can be his Great Great Great Grand Daughter, she is a nasty whore, there's no way in hell I would let that shrival, old, liver spots, soft d*ck, drooling at the mouth prev. touch me.


I love the guy.
More power to him.
Hef has a life I dream of. George Vreeland Hill