Demi Lovato: I Have a Life-Long Disease...

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For the first time since she entered and exited rehab, Demi Lovato has opened up about one of the main reasons for ending up there: she has struggled for years with bulimia.

"I don't think there's going to be a day when I don't think about food or my body," the 18-year old says in the latest issue of Seventeen. "But I'm living with it, and I wish I could tell young girls to find their safe place and stay with it."

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Lovato admits there's no easy way to move on from this disorder. She says: "There have been times when I definitely have been tempted to get rid of my dinner. I will deal with it for the rest of my life because it's a life-long disease."

Does she have any advice for other teens out there?

"If you are going through that dark period, go to your family and closest friends. Don’t put yourself in danger... don’t ever inflict harm on your own body because your body is so sacred. I wish I could tell every young girl with an eating disorder, or who has harmed herself in any way, that she’s worthy of life and that her life has meaning. You can overcome and get through anything."

Salient words from a brave young star.


demi your a great influence for many young to old girls ik the feeling of fear and depression, i many times debate on weather to lie about eating and continue in fear or open up and realease my biggest fear.


Hello, this is for you Team Me
Bulimia is not a disease it is a disorder which normally comes with depression, anxiety. And depression/ anxiety is a disease. So she does have a disease. And she stood up and is telling the whole world that she suffers with this. Do you know how hard it is to tell your family, let alone letting the whole world in on her little secret. She isn't like most people who denies it and pushes it off until she's been on machines. So say all the mean comments you want but at the end of the day your a jerk and if you ever suffered with a disorder like this you wouldnt understand.


She actually looks like having Hypothyroidism, mineral and vitamin deficiency. I am pretty sure she is having a insulin resistance or pre diabetes problem. That may explain why she has a brain chemical imbalance. Called it, bipolar or bulimia. It's a brain chemical imbalance. Those are the side effects of eating junk food. Selena Gomez was having a nutritional problem also, but she fixed at the right moment. Exercise helps a lot with that too. Educate yourself before making hater comments. You never know when you are going to be in her shoes.


i listened to demo's song 'Skyscraper' and its amazing it really puts everything she's been through into one song. i know some of what demo's feeling cos i cut. And to be honest to everyone it is hard, to get through the day, and i don't want people to feel sorry for me thats not why i cut. But to be truthful to you all, cutting is addictive and please if you every feel like cutting or have done be with your family and friends. Bulimia and self harm is a mental or physical disorder sometimes both. I feel sorry for Demi that she has been through all of this and i am amazed that she is able to come out of it with a strong front!!!!!


I almost had eating disorder too . I'm not fat but I just don't have a body like other girl and I hated it . But then I got sick and I realized that I lost many things because of it . So I think we should take care of the things that we have instead of push our selves to get something we don't have that make us lose something else


Demi Lovato's eating disorder does raise some eyebrows,and yeah there are better ways to feel better about yourself when you're going through some tough times,but people shouldn't judge her just because of the reasons why she has her disease.I mean,the world is cruel and I don't see a lot of people that come out of their dark pasts,and then take their experince and make it into something new.What you learn from something,you should share it to others.Someone out there in the world,is suffering,but at least you could touch them and give them inspiration,just by telling a person what you went through.Demi's right by saying "your life has meaning",and you can be a blessing to others:)


Not Zena, I was referring to Team Me


Bulimia is an eating disorder, and an eating disorder is a form of mental ILLNESS. Something doesn't have to be contagious to be a disease. Eating disorders are often symptoms of other mental illnesses like depression, bipolar, etc. Sometimes it comes after emotional or sexual abuse. There is actual SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that some people are mentally predisposed to eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia because they don't have enough ceratonin, (I might have spelled that wrong) a chemical in the brain. anything that lands you in a hospital other than an injury is an illness. Not only has Demi struggled with bulimia for years, but she also cuts. So yes, she is ill. Part of it is will-power, but usually when people have these types of problems they can't get rid of it on their own. Um, I wonder if insensitivity and bitchiness are part of mental illness too. Look at the comment below and you'll see what I mean.


I started having eating disorder problems when I was 14 and am now 47 and still hate my body every day. Sometimes I think I look okay but then go out in public and compare myself and it starts all over again. I feel for Demi because it becomes engrained in your head and no amount of laying on the couch talking to a shrink ever makes it go completely away.

Team me

@randyjacksonsbutt, you crack me up.
This girl drives me up the wall. Trying to help young girls is nice and all, but I don't feel sorry for her, nor do I admire her. She should try having a real disease and get the fuck over it.

@ Team Me

Go fuck yourself you lousy piece of shit. You don't know shit, and your an asshole!


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