Bob Schieffer Accuses Donald Trump of Racism

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CBS' Bob Schieffer has come out and said what many in the news industry are probably thinking but are understandably hesitant to go on record about:

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    Race card, race card, give me a break! Yeah, and we whities were all racists back in 1995 when all the blacks cheered as murderer OJ was set free.


    The ususal: If you say anything that isn't politically correct Your A Racist! Sick of it!!! Bob is your typical liberal with too much money. Personally, I'm sick of the typical politician -- Maybe Mr. Trump would be a good change.


    @Leo: I agree! Especially about Trump wanting what he can't have (The White House). It's almost as if Trump feels that if he can't have it then Obama, who he feels is a lesser man than himself should not either.

    I can't recall who said this but it fits here and Trump would to well to remember it: "Constant repition of a lie will not make it the truth".


    I think he's just seeking attention, hopefully those smart Americans will ignore him.


    seems like any criticism towards obama is racially motivated . the man is getting blamed for things that were happening way before he got into office.

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