Angelina Jolie: The New Face of Louis Vuitton

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Angelina Jolie is now the face of Louis Vuitton. Yup, we can see that.

The global ad campaign, which reportedly netted her (and by extension numerous refugees around the world) $10 million annually. The legendary Annie Liebowitz, a longtime photographer for the brand, will take the Angelina Jolie pictures.

An Angelina and Brad Picture

The new face of Louis Vuitton (the one on the right).

The actress and UN Ambassador sure does rake in the cash with her looks. This is her second major luxury endorsement (the first, for St. John, ended last year), and most lucrative to date. She also designs a jewelry line, Style of Jolie.

The 35-year-old Oscar-winner and mother of six is a fan of the French mega-label, and has frequently been seen toting bags bearing the iconic monogram.


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she is a perfec choice.......both mostly FAKE


good choice! 2 fakes!!!!


Hey World Damian Miles Hollywood 101 Show Here....
Well St.John's Loss is Louis V's Gain...Angelina is A Great Model!
I Just Thought I Would Die The First Time I Saw Her Doing St.John! Good For Her She Deserves it!
Now if Louis is Really Smart He Will Ask Julie Andrews or Leslie Caron To Model for Him :> ...They Should Only Be That Lucky!!!!
Is The Advertising World Blind?
........ "Hollywood Royalty is Always in Fashion" Damian Miles Hollywood 101 Show...."Fashion Begins At TCM"


Hmmm...I can't stand the dress, and who did her plastic surgery? Hahaha! They must have either been blind or just really hated her! However, there's something to say for her having the guts to be the new face of "Louis Vuitton!" I mean, really. She has to take all of our opinions about her and yet, she still doesn't get to do anything about her's of us...Well, except to say how "Supportive we've all been!"


Gross LV counldn't find anyone better?? So the whole skeletor look is in huh? Damn sucks for me than!!


Her name is Annie Leibovitz you idiots.


Ugly. She looks like a skeleton/vampire.


She is very beautiful. The best face by far that Louis Vutton has used as of yet.