American Idol Exit Interview: Casey Abrams Says Goodbye

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Humble until the end, Casey Abrams recently spoke on his elimination from American Idol.

The bearded crooner told MTV he had a feeling his name would be called on Thursday night. Not because he did poorly, but because he was so impressed by his competitors.

Strumming on a Stool

My performance was pretty good," he said. "But seeing Jacob kill it and then seeing Haley kill it, seeing Scotty and Lauren kill it and Durbin obviously... it just made me feel like, 'These guys are incredible. These guys could carry the show. I don't really need to be here, so if I go home tomorrow, I'm prepared.'"

On a personal note, Casey's goodbye to contestant Haley Reinhart - which included a kiss - forced him to clear up all rumors about the two dating. He just refers to her as his "special music friend."

"I was completely on random mode. I didn't plan on ending up on Haley; it just happened that way. Nothing was planned," he said of his hug and kiss-filled farewell on stage.

Does the talented singer (he plays cello, bass, drums and clarinet) have any parting words of advice?

"Don't take yourself too seriously. Take music seriously, but not yourself."


I am so excited for you Casey!!! You are MY FAVORITE AMERICAN IDOL!!! I need to be made aware of the release of your CD...I can't wait!!! You are absolutely talented. Your talent is BEYOND what Amer. Idol can COMPREHEND!!!
Keep me posted!!! I'll one of the first people to buy your music!!! You are unbeleivable!!! It was LUV at first sight. Hang are about to TAKE OFF!!! Enjoy your STAR POWER!!!
Elizabeth Carvalho (MUCH LOVE N ADMIRATION)


Casey, I can't wait until I can buy a CD from you. Never was there anyone like you on American Idol. I wish you the very Best!


Casey, what a ride. We so enjoyed watching you each week. Our whole family gathered around the television every wednesday and Casey, what a ride! We loved watching you as a family every Wednesday and Thursday night. It reminded me of when my childhood the family would sit in front of the television on Sunday nights to watch Ed Sullivan, parents and kids loving the show, laughing and enjoying it together. You brought that back for us, you are a special performer. We never know what you will do or say but we can't wait to find out! We go the the Idyllwild Jazz Festival every summer and hope to see you there. You have an incredibly bright future ahead of you. Just be yourself, that's who we fell in love with, that's who America fell in love with! All the best Casey,
Love the Vargas Family


Casey is an absolute artist brilliant.


Casey... you are totally an awesome showpiece. Through the season I watched you very closely. You were right on for every performance. Loved them all. You set standards not only for Idol but for US talent. The world was watching you too. Don't forget the subdued humor you intertwined. Your a hoot.
I recorded your good bye show and have watched it a dozen times. What an awesome sendoff with all the goodbye kisses. Simply brilliant!
Now go make me bunches of jazz CD's. Can't wait.
Peace Bro...


Casey is an amazing artist. I don't think he should have been eliminated, but that goes for all of the rest. I hope to hear and see him performing tho'. Will he continue in his music and will we be seeing CD's coming out in the future? CASEY, YOU are the greatest!! I love the beard too!!


Casey was the most talented contestant ever on the American Idol stage. His music and performances were magical to me. I am painting again because of Casey Abrams. My home country of Japan was destroyed. I was terrified for my families safety. Casey made me laugh again....Thanks casey....I hope you enjoy the painting I did for you. Its my way of saying thanks....Michiru Kusaka

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