American Idol Results: Who's Safe? Who's Out?

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Well? Who among American Idol's final six is no longer with us?

Did the singer a lot of us expected to get the boot actually get it tonight? Or did voters have yet another surprise up their sleeves here in Season 10?

As we saw it, Jacob Lusk would end up in the bottom three, while James Durbin and Scotty McCreery would be safe. Beyond that? Anyone's guess.

It turns out there wasn't even a bottom three tonight ...

Ryan just started send people to safety in random order until there's no one left. First Haley Reinhart, then James, then Lauren Alaina were in the clear.

Scotty, Jacob and Casey Abrams were left vying for two of the three safe spots. Follow the jump to see which singer left American Idol this evening ...

Casey Abrams was voted out, with no judges' save to rescue him.

The jazz singer from Idyllwild, Calif., had quite a run - many weeks longer than it likely should have gone - but it reached the end tonight, surprisingly.

"This is what talent looks like, ladies and gentlemen," Ryan Seacrest said, as he introduced Casey for his final performance, "I Put a Spell On You."

Didn't see it coming. He wasn't the strongest in the field, but we saw Jacob Lusk going home this week. But once again, the votes are the votes.

Congratulations on a great run, Casey. Now, on to the top five ...

Toned Down Performance

What do you think? Did America get it right voting off Casey?


Since the start Scotty always sings country song. Boring


Africian Americans don't you get it stay off the show you don't stand a chance,and you already know who's going to win this year Jennifer's favorite


I cant decide between scotty and james,they both are both so awsome.


I am sad about Casey, He is an great intertainer however Jacob should have been off long before him. Casey has more musical ability than any of the others left on there. It is all about these young girls and there fantasy with the young guys texting numerous times . It is just not fair.


Well said. And Simon would have said it to his face.


Guess it's a matter of personal taste. Casey obviously has his fans. I for one am glad he will finally be able to go home and take that grimmacing crap he's been trying to squeeze out of his ass for all these weeks. That grunting was not a type of "soul" music that we, the audience, needed to be "educated" about, as was so condescendingly suggested by the judges on numerous occassions. Grimmacing your face and making grunting noises like you're on the toilet and just can't seem to unconstipate yourself is hardly soul, jazz or talent. It's more like feeding time at the zoo. Next on the chopping block? Let's just say Miss Jacob should not unpack her suitcase too quickly.


Casey did a tremendous job. It was wonderful to watch a talent break out and become more talented while sing so many different songs well and growing in confidence. He is going to go knock 'em dead out there in the world!


jacob sucks, but casey is second worse. hopefully jacob will go next. no offense. theyr all very talented.


im sorry but scotty should not have even been in the top 12. he is boring and a one trick pony. he sits on a stair or stool, holds the mic sideways, raises his eyebrow, sings out of the side of his mouth and sings country...hes a one trick pony and im tired of hearing it


I saw a re-occurring nightmare last night...I thought I was seeing Taylor Hicks take over Casey's body and voice. Scary!!!!!


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