The Title of Rebecca Black's Next Single Will Be...

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We have not heard the last of Rebecca Black. Not by a long shot.

The 13-year old singer recently signed with a major music label, and has now revealed the name of her next single: LOL. Pretty appropriate, given the reaction of many critics, isn't it? Black is in the process of recording the track, sources say.

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"I like the fact I am singing like a 13-year-old girl, not trying to be anything else," Black says, previewing her upcoming album and adding:

"I would consider some [songs] teenage love songs but I want to keep it appropriate and clean. People were saying, 'You're the worst singer, this is the worst song.' They criticized my voice and the lyrics. But I call them negative Nancies. They can try to rain on my parade but as far as I'm concerned they are raining on their own parade."

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How come people who can sing sometimes dont get a big break and someone who cant sing gets one!


No! No more!


There were actually a couple parts in Rebecca's song that were good... I bet if she tried singing WITHOUT the auto-tune crap she'd actually sound good.. But for now, my ears shall continue to bleed...


OMG, this is the worst song ever!! the lyrics are just soo bad! I'm not saying that Rebecca Black has a bad voice, but I'm pretty sure it's auto-tuned!!
I so agree on what Miley Cyrus said about Rebecca. I mean they're a lot of other youtube singers who should become famous like Julia Sheer. >_<
I'll never buy this album -_-, i'd rather buy Justin Bieber's albums, he's WAY better.


People are just being HONEST Rebecca...don"t be mad cuz you can"t sing lol :)


She's like William Hung!!! From American Idol years ago! I'm just glad to see a 13 year old acting her age.hope I don't ever see her on Maury! Lol


What are y'all talkin' about?! This girl is awesome!


Ok this is starting to get really fucking annoying. i mean what the hell? it was funny at first, but now shes coming out with an ALBUM! and shes saying that the people who post criticizing comments are just being mean... but theyre not, theyre being truthful! Wake up girl!! YOU CAN'T SING! Get over yourself!




im not a fan of her and so is another half of the world out there, it isnt critisism its the truth. the only way she got so many views is because of people sharing how much friday sucks...