The Bachelorette Goes Brunette: Do You Like Ashley Hebert's New Look?

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Last night on The Bachelor: Women Tell All special, Ashley Hebert debuted a new look, and quite a striking one at that. But did she need a makeover?

The Maine native's appeal, on top of her brains and effervescent personality, is that classic, cute, girl-next-door look. She's approachable and sweet.

That said, why dye her hair, style it this way and have her wear so much makeup, ABC? Is this a prerequisite for her being the next Bachelorette?

Just our opinion. Tell us what you think her best look is ...

Which Hairstyle Looks Best?

Does Ashley Hebert look better as a brunette? The Bachelor (and reported Bachelorette) star debuted her new look last night. But is it a winner? View Poll »

Ashley Hebert was ousted last week, leaving Emily Maynard and Chantal O'Brien to vie for the affections of Brad Womack on next week's season finale.

Follow the jump for Ash's full interview with Chris Harrison last night:


i have long hairs they are shiny and blackissh so my vote goes to long and black hairs hajira


I wouldn't call that brunette. It's red or chestnut. Video still looks brunette. Lighting? She has a sort of Christine O'Donnell look in her eyes - Guessing she's not the sharpest tool.


The blond picture is better, but in reality the brunette makes her look amazing!.
They could have showed a much more flattering photo as a brunette instead of the retarded one they are asking us to vote on.
And the blonde photo is from a proffesional shot from her swimsuit magazine layout....


She looks 10yrs older! Blonde was definitely better.

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