Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge: Engaged?!?

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Enormous news out of the world of scripted drama today: Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge might be getting married!

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    Tamra,why is it that everything that comes out of your mouth is vulgar? Is you vocabulary so limited?


    This show ruins people's lives.Andy Cohen does not care ...only because $$$$$ comes 1st.Simon is a good man .Tamra made a big mistake by divorcing him.Again this show ruins people's lives...look at Vicky leaving Don,Tamra leaving Simon,Taylor leaving Russell(he killed himself).Look at Kim Richards becoming more and more ""crazy and drunk"",Adrienne giving ''power'' to Bernie the cook....going against Lisa V.Everyone becomes crazy in these shows.Andy Cohen is the only one who loves misery and money.


    \\\let us not say how great Gretshen is I recently was reading about cancer in children and read about Slade s son who is not well but could do better if they had more money and emotional support for this poor little boy. Gretchen knows better and I would think all those women know why dont they have a get together with donations for him and him Gretchen has a heart she should be the first to help.


    well those two-Vicky and Tamra deserve each other. did anyone take a look at Tamra's neck on the reunion? man that's a whole lot of OLD!!and its true Eddie just wants his 15 minutes-cant blame him though-with a skank like that you are bound to get noticed. Gretchen proved that she's in love with Slade and murky Tamra will only hate her more for it because the girl is not only hot-she has a heart!!


    Tamara, I don't know you and I hate to judge people.I know none of us know you but what you have shown on this season is not taking the high road at all. You have a bad habit of putting yourself and commenting on everyone else's life. I can't imagine someone so in love would be spending so much time hurting everyone else.
    All that you say might be 100% true but my question is even if it is why would you care? You have 4 kids and a man that loves you why would you care about anyone else. I just don't have the time to care that much about anyone that does not live in my home.


    Eddie is getting his 15 minutes of fame, he might be able to get a show out of this, or a modeling contract, or some pseudo-reality gig. What does he do anyway? Just like Slade, no career, just another pretty face.


    ALL OF YOU GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    REally!!!! Doing a tub scene for your whole family to see.....super creepy. Why would she want her ex mom $ dad in law, husband, family members to see her naked in a tub. This is why I think she is a drunkard or on drugs. How do you make a decision like that??? I just don't get it. Tamra Barney(change the name already, you've embarrassed him enough ffs) is an embarrassment to women!!!


    bitch Tamra-what will it take for Eddie to see you're worthless. you're pretentious and jealous and that's why you have a problem with Gretchen-oh,and your face looks ten years older now-not even plastic surgery can help you!!!
    Mr. Judge from all the comments , you judge if she's worth it.


    Im not a Simon fan at all! But, at least he isn't on TV flaunting his love life in the form of soft porn. I thought it was just me, but I see others alluding to Edward being gay. He sure brings those tendency forward on camera. Its OK to be happy Tamra, but think about your little children before you open that potty mouth on TV! Dang!!!!!

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