Rebecca Black Releases the Worst Song in Recorded History

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This has to be an SNL Digital Short, right? Although it hasn't happened yet, at some point, Andy Samberg will jump up from behind a bush in the following video, no?

That's the only explanation behind "Friday," a track released by random artist Rebecca Black. The single went viral over the weekend, soon after it was posted on Comedy Central's Tosh.0 blog. Since then?

It's racked up over five million YouTube hits, despite a lack of impressive vocals, an unknown singer behind autotuned lyrics, a video that makes no sense (why is Black waiting at a bus stop if her friends are picking her up?!?) and words that include how Friday is a great day and how "partying" is "fun, fun, fun."

It's a baffling Internet sensation, it's a product of a Los Angeles-based company called the Ark Music Factory and it's available here for your listening/bewildering pleasure:

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Matthew 7:1 ~ "Judge not,that you be not judged."
Please don't judge her! That's only a song and she's only 13!
So, most probably she still have a lot of time to improve. Stop mocking her, instead inspire her to level up. That's what she needs, not your offensive comments and opinions.


WELL MAYBE, her friends told her to wait by the bus stop


Well what can I say... I think she improved a lot with My Moment, still not the best. Personally I don't like it but compared to Friday it's good. People really need to stop bullying her now. Plus Haters make her famous and she's taking advantage of it so hate all you want it still won't stop her from making music. I'm not really a fan of her but she's trying so yeah let's see what she does.


one thing about rebbecca black she cant sing at all every time i hear her song i literly want to die and on monday i was listening to the song and my dog pooped on my ipod!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rebecca Black is only 13 but i dont think her lyrics will improve. So just shut up and NEVER EVER SING A SONG AGAIN (: Thanks !!


Okay. Rebecca Black. What can I say? I never expected to become deaf at such a young age. My ears are shocked, as is the rest of me. Bad vocals. Bad video. Bad artist. I expect it became popular because everyone thought it was so funny. And I'm not a hater. I'm simply stating the truth. My lawyers will hear about this (my temporary deafness), Miss Black!


Rebecca buy me some new ears u ruined my old 1s




Freakishly annoying? Yes! But anyone who says it is the worst song ever is too young to remember "Muskrat Love". By the way, what's the deal with the random black dude in the video?


She totally spoiled Fridays! ITS FRIIIDAY, FRIIIIDAY! Seriously, Rebecca's parents should just tell her she cant sing!

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