Reality Check: Jon Gosselin Makes How Much?

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Every day, Jon Gosselin gets out of bed, shakes off the cobwebs, puts on a hard hat and heads to a job site, laying down solar panels with the crew.

His wage: $35 an hour.

Douche Personified

Assuming he logs 40-hour weeks, that amounts to $1,400/week and an annual salary of $72,800. Not too shabby for the Pennsylvania product.

Until you consider that he used to earn $75,000 per episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, or that he has EIGHT kids to support. Then it's less impressive.

Also not impressive these days? Jon's extra weight.

Despite the hard physical work, and toning down his party boy behavior, a source reports that he's put on pounds: "He has an inner tube again!"

Maybe that's because of his after-work habits with girlfriend Ellen Ross. A typical evening: Eating "cheap takeout and watching Jersey Shore."

Sounds like fun. Although a source says "her yappy dogs pee on his stuff."

That kind of sucks. But it can happen when you're Joe Schmoe.


I'm sure he is much happier now and I'm glad. Kate should have let that reality show go when Jon wanted to. If she would have shaped up with her attitude, not only against him but everyone else including their kids, maybe she would still have the great man that she is hunting for now. My opinion though is that I'm glad he's not w/ it, he deserves better. Too bad he can't see his kids more though, they obviously need the normal lifestyle w/ their father. Maybe then the two of the tup's wouldn't have been expelled from school.


No way he makes $35 and hour. In PA, a registered electrician or a carpenter with his papers doesn't even make that much, unless they own the company. An unskilled construction laborer makes $15 an hour tops.

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You are badass.
That's exactly what I was thinking.


The fact that he is working an honest job is what's best for his kids. It's better that he makes money doing construction than if he made money off exploiting his children. I'm not sure why you'd say that him doing construction and making $35 an hour in an economy like yours is less impressive than him exploiting his children to everyone on Earth. I'm honestly much more impressed with Jon and the way he makes money to support his children than I am with the way Kate does. ...And the "extra weight" thing was just an unnecessary jab. Let's be professional here, this is your career. How much do you make? Will everyone in the world be impressed when they find out? Is it, in any capacity, appropriate to find out how much money someone makes and announce it to literally billions of people? Nooooope.


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