Raunchy Christina Aguilera Photos: On the Way?

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She may be a judge on The Voice, but it sounds like Christina Aguilera will soon have problems surrounding her body.

Radar Online claims a source has contacted it with 109 photographs of the singer, most of which feature her in one raunchy pose after another. They were allegedly taken off a digital storage card this man found in a French hotel room.

Christina Photograph

Among the racy pics that may soon be circulating around the Internet:

  • A set of images that were taken on September 17, 2010 at Nicole Richie's bachelorette party in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
  • Aguilera in bed with boyfriend Matt Rutler.
  • Aguilera posing alongside two naked strippers.
  • Aguilera simulating oral sex on an unidentified male, while he holds a sex toy.
  • Aguilera mimicking a oral sex on a chocolate covered banana.

Are these photos legit? Will they ever be leaked to the public? Who knows. But given Christina's escalating downfall, it's hard to be shocked over their existence.


Christina is so beautiful im her fan 4lyfe and u judgemental freaks can go eat a dick. But when beyonce tired ass take pics or get banned from countries yall cum to her defense fuck yall christina haters


To Blaize: I see where you are coming from and you make a lot of sense. But I think what ABC is saying is that she should as a mom now think of her son instead of wanting to still be the young, single women. Her responsibilities and priorities should have changed but her actions says differently.


@Abc: If Christina Aguilera had posted these pics of herself on the internet and her son (who's only 3) had access to these pictures, I would agree with you. But these pictures (if the story is true) were on her PRIVATE camera and somebody stole them, so it's different. The truth is that what Christina did is perfectly legal, she had the right to do it, and she wasn't violating anybody else's rights by doing it. So it's the thief who was in the wrong, not her.


Boy, I hope you don't have children. That's a ridic thing to say. Once a parent you (should) take your kids into consideration with every decision you make. Poor judgement is not a good quality to have when raising children. She knows that anything she does can end up online & still acts like this. Why have to act like a pig to have fun? And why do some ppl need to have explained to them what is common sense to the rest of us? Do what you want when you're young & single. When you have kids things ARE different. And this sorta stuff needs to be left behind.


@HazylMarie,Abc, and Purple: You can only ACCURATELY call a person a slut if that person a)has sex with people for money, b)has multiple sex partners at the same time, or c) knowingly hooks up with somebody else's marriage mate. Just because a woman takes provocative pictures of herself doesn't mean she's a slut or an irresponsible parent. HER body belongs to HER, so she HAS THE RIGHT to take whatever pictures of it that she wants to and it's nobody's place to condemn her for it. She's a grown woman and has the right to express and explore her sexuality. These pictures were PRIVATE. You people are too judgmental and prudish.


seriously, does no one take pics for fun. im sure allot of people have some funny, crazy, and sexy pics around. i feel bad because she is famous its gonna b plastered everywhere.


Please. I expected this crap at the very beginning. She's been going down hill since she made it to the top. Not a shocker to me.


Agee ABC! It seems like it all went downhill since the divorce.
I too hope that she pulls it together!


She's one person in Hollywood that didn't need to go this route. She actually has talent. That's what makes it worse imo. I always held hope that she'd put her skanky days behind her & I thought she did when she got married. She's such a disappointment. She & her priorities are a mess. It appears her son's father is comitted to being a good parent. I hope so bc she certainly is not.


It's like watching a fucking train wreck. I don't know what's going on with her but hope she gets her shit together soon or she just might loose everything she's worked so hard to achieve.

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