Rachel Oberlin and Charlie Sheen: It Was Over!

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Just days after Rachel Oberlin said Charlie Sheen was the first man she ever met who deserved to be with multiple women at once, this goddess has left the building.

So Tweeted the hilarious actor himself, who still considers himself a winner, don't worry:

Sheen Tweet

Following the (latest) ugly split with Brooke Mueller, Sheen is down to himself and Natalie Kenly. And the next journalist that stops by for an interview, of course.

Anyone wishing to apply for the job of goddess should send an application to imdesperatefordrugsandattention@justhalfaman.com.

UPDATE: Hours after this Tweet, Sheen released another that simply read: "She's back!" Why did they get into a fight? He also wrote:

"I chipped one of my warlock fangs on a great white shark I had to murder. Pissed me off and like an ass I took it out on her."

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btw, why r women so attracted to him. Charlie sheen looks like a bird lol.. Yea, hes rich, but alot of rich dudes dont attract all kinds of beauties. He must have a big %^&*


Rachel Oberlin can have real feelings for him. Shes a porn star, sure, but shes still a woman. I think she thinks shes in love w/ him, at least. Just shows.


He's got a lot to lose if she shows up hurt, especially his custody case. Mark Cuban would likely drop him from the new show. I think this would be the last straw for the public. All of this adds up to a very dangerous situation for her.


Where's Rachel Oberlin? She hasn't been seen since last Saturday when Charlie exploded on her. I would bet her face is bruised or her throat. The police department needs to do well-check, asap. Check her arms, legs, breasts, and vaginal area. Abusers like to hide the damage.


I am scared to death he is going to hurt Rachel Oberlin. I don't want to see him crash and burn...and take her with him. I do not know if she left her career for him. She may have real feelings for him. But still....he should never touch a woman. I hope and pray that she will be okay.


Gee,what a shocker! And we were all so sure these 2 had a deep,enduring soul connection.... LOL