Rachel Oberlin, Natalie Kenly and Charlie Sheen: At Home with the Goddesses...

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Rachel Oberlin has already made it clear: she's living the dream!

How can this be the case, considering the porn star also known as Bree Olson shares Charlie Sheen with at least one other woman, Natalie Kenly?

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"I've always felt that a man should be able to be with as many women as he likes," the 24-year old says in the latest issue of People. "I've never had the opportunity to share that with any man before because, honestly, I don't think I've ever been with a man who was even deserving of that."

But isn't there competition with Kenly? Nope, Oberlin tells the magazine:

"Natty is totally chill and I'm totally chill and we're two completely different people. We connect with Charlie in different ways, so there's nothing really there to compete for. We're all pieces of a puzzle that fit together."

Missing from that puzzle all of a sudden? Sheen's two-year old sons, Bob and Max. They were taken away by authorities this week.

"I adore them," says Oberlin. "I'm just a really loving, passionate, compassionate person. My heart just goes out to children. I was playing with the boys [on Monday], and I was holding little Bob and I just didn't want to let him go. It was so cute."

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This is a shame.... charlie has no clue how much better women he can get. these little girls are ugly and have no clue that they are ruining Charlie's life. as long as these skanks are around he will never get his kids back. this is just sick. neither one are attractive one bit. I'm 6 years older and i look younger. they are washed up whores that no other man will take. "nattie" needs to get lost. she is probaly gave him HIV by now and is just feeding his addiction. this whore is not a puzzle piece she is a drug connection with a worn out pussy. she runs "errands" more like dope runs. this whore will be the end of him. dude you will never "win" shit with that trash leaching off you. Do you really think y ou lost your kids because your ex thinks your going insane. Fuck no you have a porn trash dope fucked whores watching and playing with your children. if i was your ex i would have done the same to protect my kids from them.






Can we stop calling them "the godesses"? Sounds ridiculous.


hate to burst everyone's bubble, but you CAN co-habitate successfully with 2 women, with children. it's called polyamory. my wife and i have had a live-in girlfriend for 7 years. we conduct ourselves as an extended family, and never do anything inappropriate around the children. we just show each other love, respect and compassion. my wife and our girlfriend are both bisexual and enjoy each other's company as much as we do as a threesome. sometimes, they'll go out for the night and get a hotel room while i watch the kids. othertimes i'l have a date night with my wife or our girlfriend. and most times we get a baby sitter and the 3 of us go out on a date together. like i said, no problems. everyone gets along lovingly, no hitches. so, i believe it can work for Charlie. the only problem i see is the drug abuse. that's got to stop. he's a train getting ready to run off the track. cocaine is bad news, everyone should stay the hell away from it.


I see a cat-fight on the horizon of mega proportions. The "goddesses" will turn into "Medusa's" pretty darn soon. You watch. Now THAT would be a show to see. In fact, Charlie should probably skip the 2 1/2 Men show and focus on a Reality Show of the "goddesses" morphing into cats with claws! Ain't no way this fantasy la-la land of Sheen's is going to last long without someone getting maimed. 'Tis a law of Physics...Two grown women cannot live in the same household and share a man. It's right between Einstein's Theory of Relativity and discovering that the Earth rotates around the sun. Goodluck people....


Sheen is just sick with mental illness.


Agree Angelic Devil!! MJF and CS Hell no!!


@poorewoman - michael j fox didnt go insane and make ridiculous statements when he went public with his disease


There is at least one other Charlie who is a sociopath who thought he was awesome and abused drugs and practiced loving violently and made speeches and enticed the ladies and called his followers "family" and still claims he's a good, innocent man. His last name is Manson. We all know how that turned out. Keep the doors locked, Mueller. And all of you in the vicinity...

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