Off Target: Lady Gaga Ends Partnership With Chain Over Donations to Anti-Gay Group

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You don't mess with Lady Gaga. Especially when it comes to gay issues.

The singer reportedly dissolved a deal with Target over its political donations to MN Forward, a political action group that supported an anti-gay candidate.

When Target didn't cut ties with that organization, Gaga pulled the plug.

Beautiful Gaga

If there's one thing that will set Lady Gaga off ...

Tom Emmer, who campaigned for governor of Minnesota in 2010 (he lost), supported a Christian rock organization that advocated violence against gays and supported a proposed state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

The deal, which included an exclusive expanded edition of her forthcoming album Born This Way, was contingent upon Target supporting LGBT charities.

Sources close to Gaga say she was not thrilled with the deal from the get-go, but had hoped to use her leverage in the agreement to push the company to redeem itself for having supported MN Forward and other anti-gay groups.

The details of the broken deal have not yet been made public, but it looks like it's over and done with. What do you think? Did Gaga make the right call?


@mikeyv, being anti-gay is one thing, what target is supporting is another. Yes, it is true that some straight people are going to dislike LGBTs and vice versa; that's just how it is. However, there should not be a support of violence, that's just wrong. LG could've gone about things a little bit differently, as some have suggested, but I am proud of her for standing up for what she believes in- especially for anti-violence. I'm not even much of a fan, but my point and beliefs still stand.


Who cares who's gay or straight?! Why doesnt Gaga start a Math Club or something that doesnt involve sexuality! Do something that inspires people to move forward!
HElloooo the US is down in the last of the list of countries doing well in math & science!


I find it interesting that some people who support Target's right to have it's own voice, condemns Lady Gaga for exercising HER right to free speech and beliefs. Does anyone see the contradiction here? If Target has the right to support groups that are violent against gays, then Lady Gaga surely has a right to pull her support from Target and speak out against it. It just amazes me how the right always seems to bend things to support their own cause. In this case, Lady Gaga is the demon for putting down Target. And to Mikeyv - I think it's high time we gays start promoting a theme whereby it's alright to DISLIKE STRAIGHT people because they are straight. And no one would have a right to tell us we're wrong (according to people like Mikeyv) because we are allowed!! How do you like THAT? Makes me sick that people can't just live and let live. It's people like YOU who need to get your heads out of your asses and WAKE UP TO THE REAL WORLD. Lady Gaga, YOU GO GIRL!!!


Im sorry but Target deos not have a right to oppose gays. Target is a corporation.. Not a person. It is a public place... Not a person. If they say its okay to bash gays, what could go on inside the stores for the employees? not okay.


Freedom of speech is the verbal expression of freedom of thought. The belief that being gay is not acceptable is just as valid as a person who believes it is acceptable. Lady GaGA simply demonstrates that she is using her celebrity to degigrate freedom of speech and thought. She could have donated all the money earned from Target to gay and lesbian causes which may have been a better way to go.


She is not about the music anymore.She's too busy copying Madonna and acting like she really cares about her gay Kermit the Frog issues.What an easy way to stop making an effort to produce better music.


Of course it WASNT wrong for her to do that....she stood for what she believes for and NOBODY can take that away from you!!!


i love gaga..


Freedom of speech is what this country was built on and we have to keep in mind that it is a fundamental right. That being said there should be no right to promote killing of gays, killing of KKK members, killing of abortion doctors, etc.... Lady Gaga stood on her grounds that she was not going to promote a company who supports any group that advocates, promotes, or even considers killing acceptable, for whatever reason. Way to go Lady Gaga, using your leverage to promote humanity is a wonderful thing.


Im sorry leslie thats a lot of crap. I do believe that people have the right to make their own decisions, however creating a group against harmless people you deem as different is wrong.Why should she be assosiated with Target in business if she feels strong against a cause they support. Going into business with a company that support an anti gay group is like going into business with a company that supports the KKK, I agree that people have the right to their own opinion and freedom of speach but an organisation that is against someones sexual orentation is wrong. Smoking maybe, drug use definetly but being homosexual does not harm humanity or the environment and its nice to see that a celebrity would rather stick to their beliefs than cave for money.


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