Miley Cyrus Channels Justin Bieber, Fergie, Lindsay on SNL

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I never stole a necklace or got a DUI. Never cheated on my wife like that golfer guy. So what you can see a little boob from the side? I’m sorry I’m not perfect.

So sang Miley Cyrus during her Saturday Night Live monologue last night, as the controversial 18-year old defended various actions against critics by comparing herself to Lindsay Lohan, Tiger Woods and others.

Miley as Justin

She then went on to impersonate Fergie and Justin Bieber, saying of the latter after the show: "It’s all about the crotch grabbing."

Did you watch Miley as SNL host? What did you think? Below, we've compiled a handful of skits from the evening. Watch and enjoy!

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ilove you again




justin got schooled by miley hahaha burn


i dont like miley or justin alot but what miley did is not cool guys she shouldnt just do that its so stupid and i think cuz justin became way popular than miley she done that im not sure but it still not cool note:its also funny


ok look anyone critisizing her should look at the fact that she allowed others to poke fun at her and her dad and you don't see her whining about. once again people just seem to wanna find bad things on her and yet they really haven't have they.


@MissAdri89: I think there are times when THE PUBLIC needs to remember her age. She's 18, not 8. She's an adult now and no longer on Disney Channel. Her song was so true.


Sheish you guys really need to learn your grammar


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neh I think JustnBiebersGirlfriend is rigt Miley sucks realy hard


It was funny. But there are times when miley needs to remember her age.