Michaele AND Tareq Salahi to Enter Celebrity Rehab

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Michaele AND Tareq Salahi, the couple that allegedly crashed the White House and went on to Real Housewives of D.C. quasi-fame, is off to Celebrity Rehab.

Yesterday, we reported that Michael Lohan, Lindsay's dad, will also be in the cast. Are the people this season addicted to fame? Probably more than that.

Michaele, Tareq Salahi

Dr. Drew will welcome former New York Mets great Dwight Gooden, alleged actress Bai Ling, Jeremy Jackson, who we think was on Baywatch, and more.

Anything to maintain that Z-list level of fame, right guys?

According to reports, Charlie Sheen is also in talks to join the show. Just kidding. Did we fool you? He's way too busy winning to join this ensemble of losers.


how is it that these two pathetic human beings have gotten away with so much, and in front of the whole nation to view.talk about a double standard, if it was you or i that committed such imoral, and decietful acts, we would be paying it with jail time, and thousands of dollars in fines. i just sat in disbelief, as these two just sashayed around the whitehouse as if they mattered. i don't believe there is a therapist with enough knowledge to reprogram these two people. well mr. Drew it looks like you have a job in front of you, and i can hardly wait to see how you handle such sociopaths such as them, they make charlie sheen look like an easy fix in comparison. i do admit i hope there is a method used to make these two see the light...


Joke of the year...these people need to be kept inside until the US Marshalls can show up with handcuffs and cart these thieves, scammers, liars off to federal prison. They are addicted to hurting others with their lies and thievery, handing over fake watches to the VA Court system and withholding funds to people for completed work. They pretend to be rich, and socialites; but they are proven wrong with each passing day. This will be a joke; free entertainment and they will be found out to be the crooks we all know they are; except for Dr. Drew. Won't he be surprised!!

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