Jacob Lusk and Nate Dogg: The Unexpected Connection

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With numerous music industry heavyweight expressing their condolences today over Nate Dogg's passing, it's been revealed that one of this season's American Idol favorites knew the hip hop legend personally.

In 2007, Jacob Lusk landed the lead singing role for "InNate Praise," a gospel group formed by the Dogg. This kicked off a close friendship between the singers, as they performed at churches around Los Angeles.

In the following video. Lusk and Nate are among multiple people hanging out at the latter's studio.

Upon learning of Nate's death, Jacob Tweeted: Can't be true... Im gonna miss him telling me to CALM DOWN!!!! or saying HERE HE GO.... GREAT MAN.


we love u and we gonna miss u nate!


I too grew up on NATE DOGG muisc never stoped. We gonna miss u big homie! Dpg keep doing ya thing. We rollin wit cha.! (TRAV)


Never easy to forget..i miss u nate


RIP Nate Dogg...I grew up on his music. You will be missed.


As far as south africa in P.E we mourn the death
Of a real G,a hip hop Pavarotti,a legend and
An icon..we love nate .thanks for sharing your voice
With us,surely music is a tool
It connects people,I don't no
Nate personally,but I can feel that somthing an't right ..very sad.
Now who will sing the chorus on Dre's Detox. Regulators for life One love
Long live the G-Funk Era
U nw wit Pac,Biggie,Easy,left eye,alliyah,MJ.jam Master jay,Bob Marley the list
Is endless love u all we miss R.I.P Ven South Africa..1Love..


Nate dog one. Great. Soul went home. Too. Soon

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