Is Lauren Alaina the Only One?

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Lauren Alaina was among the American Idol finalists who performed with the flu last night.

But the resulting, smokey sound may have actually helped this 16-year old with her rendition of Melissa Etheridge's "I'm the Only One."

Thanks to a confident stage presence and a well-trained voice, Alaina earned a wild ovation from the crowd, along with the label of a "shining star" from Steven Tyler. Said Jennifer Lopez, simply and accurately:

"That's staying true to the melody and framework of the song but still giving it your own flavor. Very good job."


She is very young but "Ability is Ageless" as the saying goes. She will learn everything else she needs to and probably very quickly. I applaud her talent. She definitely has something special. If she was in a concert, I would definitely go.


I think she's doing amazing. She is the sweetest person and anyone who talks bad about her would feel horrible if they met her in person...


I wonder if she knows what the song is really about?


This girl has maturity issues. She is not ready for the big time. She is literally a 10 year old in a 16 years old body. If she makes it big time, I predict Britney like behavior. They should have given her a few more years to mature before bringing her on Idol.


She has great hair! Truly the best wavy curly hair ever. Congratulations to her. She can sing as well.

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