Charlie Sheen on Denise Richards: Dog Killer!!!

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Move over, Michael Vick. According to Charlie Sheen, there's a new dog killer in town.

Soon after his meltdown at The Plaza Hotel in October, TMZ reports that Sheen handed over custody of two pugs to ex-wife Denise Richards, who claims she had been receiving calls alerting her to their neglected state.

Well... one of the canines recently died from malnutrition, which sparked the following Tweet from Sheen over the weekend:

Chuck Sheen Tweet

Richards, who friends say is doing great, refuses to give up the living dog because she says Charlie mistreated it in the first place. Why does he even want it now?

For his tour bus, of course. All deranged actors need a mascot, don't they?

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I mean SERIOUS rehab Charlie. While you are there, can you take a class on a passion for life?


last call for rehab Charlie. Should I reserve you a bed or order your coffin?


Vic and Sheen are just alike. Rich....mentally disturbed.....and disgusting!


Why isn't this guy jail on Animal Cruelty charges? Dumbass hollywood people even get away with starving a defenseless little dog. He's nauseating, and seriously disturbed.


waaaa waaaa waaaa! cry me a river build a bridge and get over it! DUH!!!


UUUHHH, HELLO?! is everyone SERIOUSLY missing the point in this??? why isn't an animal abuse investigation happening?! a dog died of malnutrion... while being owned by TWO millionaire celebs???! sick. sick. sick. the other dog doesn't need to be with EITHER of them... the ASPCA needs to get the living pug out of there and into safety. this is just fucking SICK.


It turns my stomach that he calls the mother of his children a whore. I hope the kids will never get to read this. I can't believe people are supporting this man and paying him money to see the shows so he can keep buying drugs and whatever. Youre really not doing him (or anyone else) any favors, folks.


Charlie is crazy he can hardly look after his own balls, but i still think he's cool, i want to sleep with him that's if his penis isn't faded.


Charlie needs tn be locked up like the dog he is ! ! Brainless bitch!! Intervention time asshole!!


Hmmm me thinks me smells your ignorance and jealously..... Trolls like you cant even begin to comprehend the intelligence of the god like superhero charlie sheen! Winning!!