Charlie Sheen Loses Custody of Children

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Every Charlie Sheen interview and quote is more hilarious than the previous one, until we're forced to remember: the guy is a father of five. He's somehow been the primary parent of two-year old twins during the last few weeks of partying and ranting.

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    People handle situations differently and people are taking it out of porportion when this man is going through losing it all.people who stay in glass houses shouldn't throw stones,because everybody have habits and things that they go through that you don't want the world to see.He need his job just like the rest of us.If someone takes your kids you would act crazy too.God only knows what he's going through and will see him through his trials and tribulations and hopefully Charlie will see who his true friends are.I pray that God will see him through his troubles and ease the pain in his heart.I know what hes going through.


    That numb nuts ooks demented. Maybe an od on viagra?


    This monkey looks like his balls have been sliced off and he is still taking viagra.


    Agree 100% Null!!


    Sue it's still a free country and Charlie Sheen has the right to do whatever he wants. However, his two two year olds have the right not to be subject to this kind of unstable behavior. Really,would anyone allow him to even babysit their 2 year old for an hour? I know I would not. Those 2 children were rightfully removed as there is concern for their saftey. Let's see if he can get his crap together before the hearing.


    In the end Charlie will win. He's done nothing wrong. This is still a free country isnt it? Mind your own fucking business.


    ANYONE- with a working logical stable brain-
    can see Charlie has lost it- its not about his rights to party and winning like he said.

    You can see it in his eyes, his mentally unstable and until he gets his crap together, he shouldn't be with his kids.


    Charlie can bang me from behind too!


    you know what, all i see is a bunch of armchair lynch mob vigilantes who are jumpin thru their ass and making rants as bad as charlies, because i bet none of you know, knew or had any contact with charlie, or ave a informed idea of what is going on in his daily life, you are going by what you hear/see in the media who is hyping a lead and building a story, why dont ya read the enquirer and prosecute the aliens, dont believe everything you read or see on tv, its just gossip, or in court it would be heresay. it is so easy for you all to judge, and ratpack someone down, or who looks vulnerable, judge not or ye shall be judged, if ya havent seen it with your eyes, shut up, what about those poor kids who need at least 1 parent? do you have the $ or resources thaat charlie probably spent and had, and another thing, a penknife???? really. you all are a bad example and reflection of humanity. grow up, all of you!


    @Radio88: A person getting help for their addiction of their own free will has a far clearer mind than a man currently still wallowing in his. Charlies words and actions as of late are not those of a rational man. Caring for two kids that small is a 24/7 365 job and a parent who thinks her children are in any danger has not only the right but the DUTY to protect them. I don't think Charlie Sheen is capable of caring for himself right now never mind two toddlers. A Judge agreed with Brooke so there was something real to her complaint. My father was a family court judge for many,many years and I know they do not make these decisions lightly.

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