Charlie Sheen Hints at Two and a Half Men Return

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If a man who rambles on about Adonis DNA and warlock tendencies can be believed, Charlie Sheen might end up back on Two and a Half Men after all.

Calling into The Chio & Shila Show yesterday, the actor opened the interview by sounding like his usual, successful self: "My super powers are blowing it up completely... I think were winning this morning."

Charlie Sheen 20/20 Interview

After a bad connection forced Sheen to call back, he made it clear that he's largely in on the running joke he's created, telling the hosts:

"What did you all do in that missing ten seconds without me? Did it feel like your lives had ended?"

Getting down to business, though, Sheen was asked about the state of his sitcom and said "it feels like all parties" are nearing an understanding, concluding: "Absolutely the gig's coming back, I have absolute faith in that."

Do you want Sheen back on the show?



It's funny how people cry over a washed up actor.I feel sorry for the people that depend on this guy for a living.Any border patrol guard can tell you that Charlie Sheen and Jean Penn aren't worth two cents.


What Charlie does with his personal life is not our business, leave him be, but the show.....he's great what a loss if Warner and CBS don't get their heads out of their butts and let the contract ride out as planned or else I'll boycott CBS myself!


C S should be back on 2& a Half Men. He is hilarious. He is next,next,next,next to impossible.everytime he shows his impossible side of nature (obviously in his personal life) anyways we hav nothing to do with his personal life. Gud luck to him.


Charlie Sheen quotes are awesome! lol ppl even started incorporating them into rental ads on craigslist. Check out some hilarious ones here:


Charlie Sheen can go on a Haitian vacation with Miley Cyrus and Sean Penn ,but he knows he cant leave the show.The fat kid knows this and so does the other washed up actor on the show.These are not the 80s and their Ferris Bueller days are over.These actors know they need to shut up ,collect their money and not rock the boat.They know their acting careers are sitting on egg shells that can crack at any moment.


I doubt he will be back on the show. But should he really be all that concerned about the show right now? He has within a few days been barred from contact with all his children, is'nt that a much bigger issue for him?


lol hate doesnt matter. the creator makes too much cash off charlie to let him get away. he'll be back.


How can a show about two old guys living with a fat kid be funny?


as a viewer Charlie Sheen has done his job brilliantly. His personal life is his. I wish him happiness.


I doubt that two and a half men will ever come back on the air with new charlie episodes. The creator hates his guts!

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