Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger: Behind the Break-Up

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If Bradley Cooper liked it, he would have put a ring on it.

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    Bradley Cooper goes to the mirror stares in and says " I am One Good Looking Son of a Bitch!!!" and the mirror cracks from side to side.


    Renee and her brother Drew are well known to be extreemly close. When Bradley Cooper dumped her for his career, Renee would have had to hold Drew back from delivering Cooper a knock out punch!


    Looks like Bradleys hair transplant turned out great, but his white tooth caps are far too white really unnatural.He should be able to snag another high profile celeb, on his climb to the top. It will be interesting who he gets.


    Renee you've got a brillant education, with your BA degree in english. After a few more movies, I hope you become a director!


    Renee, it seems like you picked two losers...stay single, if you want to start a family, try adoption..keep working and making great will find you when you least expect it!


    now why would he want her..she is trying to get married again and she already was married to kenny chesney...he got smart and dumped her...if she wants to get married find someone who is into you not younger guys NOT LOOKING TO GET MARRIED....BUT I DON'T LIKE HER ANYWAY I AM GLAD BRADLEY DUMPED HER....


    Salla i agree with you but then i dont. because look at ashton kutcher and demi moore. he younger then her and aaron johnson and his fiance. he twenty one or twenty two and his fiance is 43 or 44 and had his baby. so some young guys do go for older women


    I love bradly badly. Renee take heart and wait for your time. It will come soon enough


    I totally agree salla. She doesn't even look like herself in that photo. I have to laugh at the whole article. I mean, don't people usually date to find a potential mate? If this guy didn't want marriage, wouldn't that be something you'd talk about or know? It's a good thing they broke up because if two people supposedly love or care about each other and a break up occurs over a disagreement like that, then it wasn't love in the first place. No wonder these people's marriages don't last.


    I'm wondering why if Renee wanted to marry, she started going out with some younger, hotter guy who's known to be a bit flighty (what with his short previous marriage and dating various co-stars). Maybe she only likes younger, hotter guys. But they're never likely to marry you, are they? Maybe I'm wrong.

    Also, she looks painfully thin! She should start eating, find someone a few years older and marriage and kids will follow. Is what I think at least.

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