Another Round of Racy Vanessa Hudgens Photos?!?

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It can't be... can it?

For the third time in the last few years - first HERE and then HERE - Vanessa Hudgens has allegedly snapped racy, naked photos of herself.

Drunken Stepfather has posted the scandalous pictures, some of which are especially X-rated and others of which feature Hudgens reportedly making out with Nickelodeon star Alexa Nikolas (Zoey 101). She appears in Vanessa's music video for “Come Back to Me."

Visit the aforementioned site to browse through the full set of images and check out one of Vanessa and Alexa below. Has Hudgens really make this "mistake" again?!?

Vanessa Hudgens Kissing Pic
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Wow there are so many homophobes commenting on this picture, if you don't like it just don't look at it and keep your opinions to yourself instead of ranting about how wrong it is blah blah blah myself I am not gay or bi but I support gay rights and I think it's horrible that so many heartless insensitive people can completely alienate people who are gay or bi, they're nice and kind people too and its about time people started accepting them.


pls vanessa just stop it you are huting poeples feeling about you


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I think it's hot I always wanted to kiss a girl but never did and it's ok for her to explore other things in life I wanna try sex girl on girl any takers


I think it's hot actually...


no wonder efron left her hahhahha


I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT I'M SEEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


idk why there is so much stigma attached to homosexuality..i strongly agree that its wrong but why should people condemn it in such a way...all sin is sin ...vanessa is a big fan of mine its quite disappointing but i dnt hate her


its her life she can whatever she wants, have you guys ever thought that she gets more fame and she gets paid for some pictures, it's her life she can do whatever she wants with it. homosexuality isn't illegal she can kiss whoever she wants. as if a girl hasn't kissed another girl its called experience as well. i'm not lesbian but i support gay rights :)


so what get over it if she wanna kuiss another girl then let her shes grown and makes her own decisions