Taboo Defends The Black Eyed Peas Halftime Show

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If you were looking for energy and many bright lights, The Black Eyed Peas Super Bowl halftime performance went perfectly on Sunday.

But if you tuned in hoping to hear perfect sound mixing and smooth vocals, you were one of the many critics disappointed in the results.

In a new interview with Pop Eater, group member Taboo acknowledges a few "technical problems," but defends the performance overall, explaining:

The thing about it is there were 100 million viewers. If you get 60 million people who didn't like it and you get 40 million that did like the show, that's a pretty cool thing because you can't please everybody. Everybody who is a critic is going to criticize and annihilate everything you do even if it's a good thing. They just want to bring it down.

As many people who are blogging about how disappointed they were, there's a lot of people in the streets who really loved the show.

What did you think of the performance?


Clearly if you listened with a great sound system, it was the sound effect people who were at fault. Fergie could not hear herself and their microphones were turned on at the wrong times. that was obvious to those who were at our party. But we rocked with the halftime show anyway. also, BEP's were super great in concert, so I know they have talent, live.


Holy crap worst half time show ever. Earlier I was watching Michael Jackson's performance for the 1993 super bowl half time show and it was amazing!!!!! 1993 and he appeared on top of the big screen. That was his entrance!!!!! Bruce Springsteen was amazng even the Whos. BEP was shit on a stick they were so bad and knew that they were going to be so they invited Slash and Usher! No dancing not nothng. Ohh they had ppl with lights. Ohhh big deal!!! I wrapped myself in lights while putting up my christmas tree and they were blinking!!! Hope they pick performers that can really give a show next time!!!!!!! Like Usher!!! And yes Janet Jackson's nipples was a better show than BEP!


I loved it! I thought it was great. The lights added a awesome effect, and their performance I thought was really good. Their vocals weren't 100% BUT, they were really energetic and you didn't get the hint that they weren't enjoying what they were doing.. they looked like they were having a blast! I thought it was great... better then Janet's nipple... at least I can tollerate looking at Fergie ha.


Oops i meant OK


I think it was between o and great so it was good i guess!!!